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Parents intuitively know that teaching is one of the most difficult and challenging job in life. However, that is only one side of the same coin. We need our students to be great learners!


 For this reason, we seek to make the job of teaching and learning easier by

  • Deploying digital technology – our phonetics learning system!
  • Use the same technology that your children are growing up with now for a BIG RETURN ON INVESTMENT!
  • It is intuitive to them so using a Digital Phonics Learning Technology fits them
  • Therefore, it is fun for them as well

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Our passion lies in realizing our dream of seeing as many kids enjoy unfettered literacy through active phonetics foundation. We Trust that as a parent this is your dream for your child as well!

How do we achieve this dream?


About Applying Wisdom


Wisdom is using the best tool by the best possible means to create the best possible outcome. It is knowledge applied and lived!

This is exactly what we are “about” here at SpellQuiz! We have some very strong core beliefs or values which are as follows”

  • It is our belief every child can learn successfully on their own if given the resources to do so.
  • It means giving parents and teachers the opportunity to concentrate on other equally important activities because their child now has the tool to learn English the proper and fun way with online digital phonics technology
  • It means knowing that your kids will be successful in what they are doing.

SpellQuiz focuses on building students ability to communicate using a self-paced phonetics learning system that reinforces them on listening, writing and reading using dictation. The system provides for kids from grade 1 through grade 12 as well as adult learners.

Our phonetics learning materials are developed by professional educators incorporating best practice with an efficient pedagogical methodology for effective impartation of language skills in kids using our system.

You need to fully understand what we just said. It is developed by professional educators using best practices that have proved to be effective.

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Our Phonics learning system is available to parents and teachers who want their kids and students to become self-dependent in learning, with the ability to assess their own performances and be self-challenging to set the benchmark to meet their very own learning milestones.

What are some of the main drivers in our system about? They are:

  • Building one skill level to the next skill level
  • Listening with audio recognition
  • Spelling accuracy
  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Typing skills enhanced

SpellQuiz is a technology driven learning system that avails your students with an easy-to-use, progress-based learning.

  • It is self-inspiring
  • It is fun
  • It is learner friendly.

Let your kids use it and be happy. That my friends are what we are “About”

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