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Our state-of-the-art online spelling tests are designed to help K-12 students to ace spelling exams at school and prepare for Spelling Bee competitions. If you are a student or an adult who is trying to learn ESL, then our advanced spelling quizzes, spelling lessons, and word games can help you improve your English skills.

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I stumbled upon while searching for something to support my year 5 class. They are all on different levels and most with English as a second language. I immediately liked and, more importantly, so did my students. The dictation element has really helped their listening skills. The fact the students can work through it at their own pace is invaluable as they are all at different points in their learning. Often, beginner spelling assignments are aimed at young children. We love that there is no great difference to the way the groups of spelling words are taught. Thanks a lot, Spell Quiz- we are getting better!

Emma Donsophon

English teacher

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Spelling tests, quizzes, and practices can make a massive impact on your learning by creating a more natural way to remember the language. The three spelling sections will not only improve your spelling, but will enhance your vocabulary, speed up your typing skills, and improve your comprehension skills. Say goodbye to making spelling errors, and issues with your listening and learning skills.

Spelling test, spelling quiz and spelling practice to build a proper English vocabulary

English is one of the most difficult languages to learn: It has over a million different words, confusing rules for sentence structure, arbitrary grammar exceptions, contextual usage, and an ever-changing zoo of idioms and definitions.

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