Features of SpellQuiz Learning System

Learning to spell is not easy, so here at SpellQuiz, we’ve done the hard work to make your journey to become a spelling master as fun and intuitive as possible. Our method incorporates tried and tested methods like dictation, combined with an engaging online format.

Some of SpellQuiz’s key features include:

  1.  Learn according to your individual level: No matter what your skill level or prior experience, we have materials to suit you. SpellQuiz caters to everyone from children to adults; native speakers to English as a second language (ESL) students. Our spelling quizzes and tests are designed to match a standard K-12 school curriculum, starting out with the basics and progressing gradually to an advanced level suitable for adults. Don’t know what your level is? No problem! To help find the right grade for you, just try one of our Vocabulary Tests, and your score will help us recommend the correct level for you to start improving your spelling.

  •  Progress tracking: SpellQuiz provides a range of tools and stats to monitor your learning, as you move through the levels. Learners and parents can easily access their data in an easy-to-understand format. Keep track of how many times you have attempted a quiz, your number of mastered words, smart score, and how much time you have spent on a particular quiz. All SpellQuiz students will be provided with regular progress reports, simply visit our reports page for a full break down of the detailed progress reports students receive as they work through the courses.

  • Tailor your learning experience: The SpellQuiz system allows to learn at your own pace. Some schooling systems force students to fit into one, standardized box – but the fact is that all of us are different. We all have different learning styles. Some students may feel more confident building a solid foundation and reviewing the same material multiple times before moving on, while others enjoy the challenge of progressing quickly and filling in the gaps later. Neither of these is wrong – they are just different. SpellQuiz’s self-paced learning helps students to gain confidence while learning in their own way.

  • Spelling Tests: We offer spelling bees, lessons, exercises and quizzes to help you master spelling in the most effective way possible. Our dictation-style materials allow students to develop an understanding of the link between the written language and spoken sounds. Students can check their answers for immediate feedback, and every spelling test adds one new word to your vocabulary, ensuring that students can assimilate new items in bite-sized, easy to manage chunks.

  • Fun Quizzes: Spelling may be our obsession here at SpellQuiz, but we know that it’s not the be-all-and-end-all in most people’s lives. That’s why we have created fun quizzes to explore spelling and vocabulary in a range of topics, to suit any interests. Broaden your knowledge by exploring grammar, geography, and a host of other subjects, all the while developing your spelling skills!

  • Professional Design: Our comprehensive spelling tests have been designed by linguistic experts from the USA and Canada, plus all audio recordings feature clear pronunciation by North American voiceover artists, for easy understanding.

  • SpellQuiz Blog and Videos: Check out our SpellQuiz blog to read up on useful and fascinating topics. From our Advanced Spelling Bee Guide to ideas for fun words games and innovative ways to deal with the struggles many kids face when it comes to literacy, our blog is the perfect resource to help parents and kids meet their full spelling potential. Our video page gives practical advice on how to navigate the SpellQuiz website, as well as insights from kids about their own experiences learning how to spell.

  • Free Trial: We fully stand by the SpellQuiz system, and that’s why we offer a 14-day free trial. Reading and writing have never been more important than they are in today’s visual society, so get started and sign up for your free trial today!

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