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Spelling Exercise #1

Online Spelling Test, Spelling Quiz and Spelling Practice

Our Spelling Test, Spelling Quiz, and Spelling Practice application will quickly and effortlessly build English vocabulary and improve listening skills. No more misspelled words, no more issues with reading or listening comprehension. Want to know how to s


Spelling test, spelling quiz and spelling practice to build a proper English vocabulary

English is one of the most difficult languages to learn: It has over a million different words, confusing rules for sentence structure, arbitrary grammar exceptions, contextual usage, and an ever-changing zoo of idioms and definitions.

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But its status as the only global communication medium for science, technology, engineering, trade, medicine, law, and dozens of other industries makes learning correct English more crucial than ever. This is not just relevant to those who grew up speaking another language—most of those who only know English will face professional success or failure as adults based on how well they speak and how competently they write.


Our children need to know proper spelling and usage if they are to succeed and thrive in today’s hypercompetitive world. Well-written writings and resumes stand out; correct articulation instantly confers credibility and respect.

Those who fail to master English suffer vastly lower economic prospects.


Like it or not, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and millions of game apps and websites have transformed our world and directly changed how our children learn and retain knowledge. Youth today live within interactive media in a manner unfathomable to their parents and grandparents. They are conditioned to expect instant feedback – and if this does not occur, they rapidly lose interest in anything that doesn’t provide it. It is not that they are lazy or less intelligent; it’s just that technology has made them learn differently.


As millions of frustrated parents and teachers can attest, trying to get children to read a book and explain its contents has become harder than pulling teeth. It’s just like the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” But give them an iPad with games and YouTube and you won’t be able to pry it out of their hands without a crowbar.


Put a book in front of them, and they will stare blankly at it; put an app in front of them that contains the same information, or even information more challenging – and they will excel.


They just learn differently.


Astute parents and educators can take advantage of this learning shift by acknowledging its existence and using it to help the children learn crucial skills that will help them succeed and thrive in our world.


This is where we come in. SpellQuiz is designed to help children (and adults) master different aspects of proper English. Starting from listening to how words are pronounced and then spelling them correctly; your child progresses from simple to more complex, all-the-while getting immediate performance feedback on their work.


That is the beauty of SpellQuiz. It teaches where the children learn. As a fully interactive lesson that mimics a game; they are able to receive that instant feedback their minds crave all while acting as an excellent English vocabulary builder.


What makes SpellQuiz unique is its multi-pronged approach to learning, where the best learning methods are magnified:


Five Combo



Its deceptively simple modules mask an ingenious way of helping a person learn proper English by targeting different areas of the brain simultaneously:


Brain Diagram SpellQuiz


The looking-hearing-speaking-thinking-writing process engages multiple areas of the brain and results in very rapid learning and mastery.


Short of uploading data directly into the brain like in the Matrix movie, the SpellQuiz method is probably the most effective way to learn proper English.


As a multifaceted tool, SpellQuiz can help children, high schoolers, and adults improve their vocabulary. With modules that are set at a level that advances with the improvement of the learner; no one feels left behind.


Its ability to monitor and record the progress of the student and increase the difficulty level as the learner improves, is a godsend to anyone who wants to improve their command of the English language.


Problem words are automatically flagged, and the system highlights them in additional practices to make sure your child eventually learns how to spell and use them correctly. You will also be receiving regular performance reports that provide specific information about what your child has been working on. These reports provide details of the words they’ve mastered and the words that they still need to work on.


Even better, the learner can practice at his or her own pace. People of all ages and all backgrounds can efficiently utilize the platform in the comfort of their own home and at their leisure.


Those who can adapt and learn new skills and critically apply them have a much higher chance of success. Knowledge is power, and the key to knowledge begins with the tools to understand and comprehend that knowledge.

As your child improves, you will feel a peaceful sense of optimism, that he or she is learning the correct English language skills to succeed in our world.

Try some of SpellQuiz’s spelling tests for free today!


Perhaps you are like Marie, who has two children, one in the second grade and another in kindergarten.


She recalls what it was like when she was a child herself when her mother helped her on many spelling practices and quizzes. She fondly remembers how her mother made it a game:


“Look Marie! What is that?”

“A bird, Mama!”

“And how do you spell ‘bird’?”

She would answer back enthusiastically, “B-I-R-D!”


But now she worries about her children. Needing to work full-time means she cannot spend quality time with her little ones in the same way she enjoyed with her mother when she was learning to spell.


Fortunately, Marie found exciting online spelling games and apps that allow her two kids to build their vocabulary and spelling ability. She loves that her children enjoy taking an online spelling test to show her how well they’ve mastered the words. 


It may not have the same intimacy as the games Marie played with her mother, but she takes comfort in the fact that they are learning how to spell and use the words correctly.


Today’s busy parents, with the ever-increasing burdens of work and other activities, sadly realize that they cannot take the same hands-on approach to their children’s education that their own parents did when they were young. There just are not enough hours in a day! Because they observe those with highly-developed vocabularies earn significantly more than those with poor spelling and language skills; they want to equip their children with the same skills they need to succeed in life. But when there’s not enough time, how do they coax them into such things?


That is the beauty of SpellQuiz, with its fun, interactive lessons. Parents can take comfort in knowing their kids are learning how to listen and write better.


Perhaps you are like Elizabeth, an elementary school teacher in Texas.


Elizabeth is looking at the list of objectives that she must teach her students so they can pass their STAAR standardized test. But no matter how prepared she is, she does not believe she can adequately equip them for the reading and writing portions of the test.


She has to find a way to juggle the state requirements with the district's requirements. She understands that some students will not learn as fast as others. This poses a problem: If she goes too quickly, she runs the risk of losing her slower learners; but if she goes too slow, the faster learners will become bored or even worse, she won’t be able to cover the material they need to familiarize so that they will be ready for the test in the spring.


She has tried almost everything she can think of to help them: flashcards, spelling quizzes, vocabulary builders, and all the tricks that other teachers have tried with limited success. She still has the same problem over and over again – not all her students learn at the same pace.


She was at her wit's end.


She then found a spelling practice online resource to shore up her students’ learning. Even better, the students advance at their own pace and learn 3rd grade spelling bee words in a way that they don’t get bored. They also enjoy the grammar and punctuation test modules within the program.


They think it’s a game that they can challenge their friends to while Elizabeth recognizes it as a way for her students to expand their English language skills. She knows which words are challenging her students the most, which of her students need the most support, and which ones are ready for harder assignments.


She now feels more confident that her students are reading and comprehending at the levels they need to, and that they will do an excellent job on the STAAR.


Elizabeth’s plight is a common one among teachers for all grade levels. Educators are finding that many of the old tactics like repetition and quizzes just don’t work anymore.


This leaves them in a bind: Do they continue to try and teach the children of the new century the same way they taught the children of the old? How will they address bored students who are disengaged and not learning?

Or, should they teach in the manner that today’s students use to learn?

Caring educators, regardless of whether one teaches a small classroom in rural Nebraska or in a large school district in Los Angeles, really only have two choices for their students: adapt to the new ways of knowledge acquisition or fail them.


SpellQuiz is not just for youngsters, anyone of any age can benefit from the lessons offered.


Let’s talk about Gabby from Seattle.


Since Gabby was a little girl, she has dreamed of attending the University of Notre Dame to become a marine biologist. Now that she is in high school, she worries that her SAT scores may not be high enough and practices her reading and vocabulary as much as she can.


But she still feels that she needs to do better to be accepted to Notre Dame since they only allow a minority of their applicants each year. It would break her heart if anything kept her from realizing her dream.


She is still a freshman, so feels she has enough time to put in the hard work to get into Notre Dame. To accomplish her goal, she works diligently to improve her grasp of the English language.


SpellQuiz can help students like Gabby reach their dreams. Its higher-level vocabulary builders assist high school students in becoming productive, articulate individuals in any field that they choose.


While SpellQuiz does not pretend to be the solution to all problems students and educators face; it can help in a very specific area—the ability to use English for success.


SpellQuiz can even help adults enhance their vocabulary to improve their earning potential.


Take the story of Mike from California.


Mike had to drop out in his senior year of high school after his dad died and he needed to find a job to help support the family. He was lucky to be able to find a decent job with the San Francisco road and bridge department.


After nearly fifteen years in the department, he has reached as far as he can without a higher degree. But first, he must earn his GED to be able to enroll in a local community college. For a person that struggled years ago with his vocabulary, it isn’t easy for him to improve his language skills.


Coworkers have suggested that he take night classes to improve his vocabulary and spelling, but he balks at the idea of taking courses with students the same age as his children.


But Mike understands what a bump in pay as a supervisor would mean both for his children’s college education and for his retirement.


Fortunately, his daughter found something that he might be able to use. She found an online resource called SpellCheck that Mike can use to build his vocabulary on his own terms and graduate on to better things. So, he has been taking the modules for spelling practice for adults vocabulary and even trying his hand at the spelling quiz for adults.


He no longer feels like a failure.


Mike’s story is a common one. For many reasons, lots of people drop out of school only to see that it was possibly one of the worst mistakes that they ever made. But after they have had been out of school for a while, they find it difficult to go back to school for lots of reasons.


SpellQuiz can help. With its modules designed to move at the pace of the learner, the adult learner can advance quickly or slowly. Even better, they can do it in the comfort of their home.


Of course, it is never too early to learn how to spell correctly.


Perhaps you are like Henry in North Carolina.


Henry has dreamed about participating in spelling bees since he attended one that his older sister competed in last year. He loved watching the contestants on the stage, and when his sister made it to the last round before losing, he was hooked.


He longs to be a spelling bee contestant and wants to show off his vocabulary prowess and spelling skills. Now that he is in the fourth grade, he can participate in his school district’s first round of spelling bees. He is currently preparing himself: He wants to win and be the best in his grade in his entire district. Who knows, maybe the state and even the nation.


To achieve his goal, Henry has spent the entire year taking every online spelling test he can find. He has mastered every vocabulary quiz he can take. He has studied the commonly misspelled words till he can see them with his eyes closed and spell them correctly. Especially the hard words.


He is a champ in the making but thinks he can do better. Henry knows that he needs to be ready for any word his grade level can throw at him. He instinctively knows that he is not competing against the other students, but against the words that he might not understand or those that may trip him up in the competition.


Henry needs a sparring partner to force him to improve his skills.

Unfortunately, he cannot find anyone who is willing to engage him. His parents are busy at work, and his older sister only seems to have time to chat on the phone and hang out with her friends.


Fortunately for Henry, his parents signed him up to SpellQuiz and he has used the 4th grade spelling words to hone his skills. He now feels that he will “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” in the upcoming Spelling Bee.


Spelling bees can be a confidence booster for young men and women, and they will look back to their participation with pride. Not only do they gain valuable confidence, but they also build their vocabulary, English comprehension skills, and the ability to read and retain information. They are preparing for the future.


SpellQuiz can help these students realize their dreams of success. Its spelling modules contain spelling bee words that are appropriate to their grade level. Using these spelling modules will help them be better prepared to tackle the future regardless of challenges.


Who knows? A spelling bee championship in the 4th grade could mean a scholarship to a prestigious university a few years down the road. . .

SpellQuiz can change your life.


Ask Jorge from Colombia.


Jorge is a successful businessman from Bogota, Colombia. He has two young daughters and feels that the best thing for his family’s future would be or them to move to another country. He has been eyeing Toronto or Vancouver for a couple of years and has started looking at visas and permanent residency papers.


He feels that his business acumen will translate well in Canada and his family could do well there.


He sees only one problem: His English is rudimentary, and his wife just speaks Spanish, as do his kids. Most residency visa rules require knowledge of English.


He needs a solution. He doesn’t want to hire a tutor nor can he take the time to attend classes and take his family to them also.


But he has found SpellQuiz, and he thinks it is the answer to his prayers.


With things such as English listening exercises and English comprehension modules, there has never been a better time to learn English easily. By deciding to learn English online, his family will learn English even better than they would’ve if they attended a traditional classroom, with all its distractions.


He is confident that by next Christmas, they will celebrate it in a new homeland.


Anyone who wants to immigrate to a nation that has English as its predominant language must know the language if they expect to be successful and integrate properly. And this goes double if they want their children to thrive in their new country. And the best way to achieve this proficiency is with SpellQuiz.


With the melding of cultures and new people coming to the United States, many people can relate to the story of Mari Cruz.


Mari Cruz was born in El Salvador and lived there until her parents emigrated to New York when she was 8 years old. As a result, she can speak excellent Spanish, but her English language skills and grammar usage is behind her classmates, and she risks failing her grade.


It is not that she isn’t smart enough – she just lacks the language foundation to keep pace with her classmates. Consequently, her school assigned Mari Cruz to take ESL English lessons to help her catch up.


However, Mari Cruz is afraid that her friends will see her in these classes and thinks they will consider her stupid for having to take ESL lessons. Feeling overwhelmed with the knowledge that she’s not keeping up with her classmates and being filled with embarrassment, she has started acting out in class and has been sent to the principal’s office several times.


Her parents want to help her, but don’t know what to do. They know that she is capable of doing the work when she’s at home—but the problem occurs while she’s in school.


Her school’s guidance counselor informed her parents that it is likely that her behavior is due to the fear of being made fun of in school. She sees the way some of her classmates treat other students who are behind academically and does not want to be one of them.


The counselor has suggested that she try learning English and vocabulary at home, either through a tutor or some online ESL learning tools. She feels that Mari Cruz will behave better if she feels that she is on par with everyone else.


While it is hard for adults to adjust to the reality of a new nation, with its own new culture, and especially where the language is different; it is terrifying for children. Even though they may adjust faster than their parents, many do not excel in class because of fear that they will be mocked and ridiculed by their peers. This trauma can have long-term problems that may hurt their chances at success in their new country.


This is where SpellQuiz can do wonders for ESL learners. There’s no risk of being ridiculed by other students, and they can learn new words, punctuation, grammar, and spelling at their own pace in a comfortable learning environment. Even better, the modules offer an ESL listening test to test their pronunciation of the material.


For instance, look at Madeline and her young son Josiah.


Josiah has been diagnosed with a learning disorder that slows down his ability to sound out and understand multisyllabic words. It is a hearing disorder that affects how his brain understands and comprehends words. Unfortunately, it will be a lifelong disability, and if Madeline waits, her son will have learning problems his entire life.


The doctor suggested that to be ready for kindergarten, that Josiah start English listening exercises that concentrate on phonics activities, but Madeline is worried because she cannot afford a tutor or pay for a treatment program.


Luckily, she found SpellQuiz, and what is even better is Josiah loves it! Within just a few months, he rapidly developed proper enunciation skills, and his comprehension levels were such that when he finally entered kindergarten, a happier boy couldn’t be found.


It is never too early to start mastering proper grammar and punctuation. Children that are read to and start reading at a young age, on average, perform better than students that do not. The bigger and more elaborate a vocabulary a child grows in their early years correlates directly to success in later life.


These days, with interactive games and television shows, children are less interested in children’s books and more interested in things that offer instant feedback. SpellQuiz provides that challenge and that interactiveness that children like and desire.


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Spelling is not a focus in the US school system anymore and it is a shame. The focus is on testing, testing, testing, reading and math only. My students cannot spell even simple words that they should be able to spell. Maybe if we go back to old school methods like dictation they would be able to spell.

Mary Dean

Elementary teacher, M.B.A holder with two undergraduate degrees in education.



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