Dictation for Grade 1 to Adult
  • Grade 1


    Spelling Bee #3,Spelling Exercise #4

  • Grade 2


    Spelling Bee #4,Spelling Exercise #1

  • Grade 3


    Spelling Bee #5,Spelling Lesson #2

  • Grade 4


    Spelling Bee #6,Spelling Exercise #3

  • Grade 5


    Spelling Exercise #5,Spelling Exercise #1

  • Grade 6


    Spelling Bee #5,Spelling Lesson #2

  • Grade 7


    Spelling Bee #2,Spelling Exercise #3

  • Grade 8


    Spelling Lesson #4

  • Grade 9


    Spelling Lesson #2,Spelling Bee #1

  • Grade 10


    Spelling Bee #2,Spelling Exercise #3

  • Grade 11


    Spelling Lesson #4

  • Grade 12


    Spelling Bee #4,Spelling Lesson #1



Spelling Exercise #4

Online Spelling Tests and Spelling Practices

Spelling Test and Spelling Practice! Spelling Bee Words! Listening skills activity! Language arts activities! Learn English via Phonics activities! Spelling Words per grade!



Do you know, how many words your child can properly spell?


Is your child’s current English proficiency a leading or lagging Indicator?


If what you thought was your children learning to be proficient readers, writers and spellers of the English language turned out not to be true, at what point in your child’s education would you like to know about that?


How about if there was something in place, online that could easily and efficiently evaluate your child’s current understanding and proficiency in English based on Phonics?


 Phonics is the historically proven system to teach English that will provide the student with the greatest command of the English language.


It is not a matter of whether your child has a command comparable to his peer group. The reason is clear. Americans are falling behind when it comes to global competition. English is the major language of the world, both for business and everyday communication and writing.


Here is a system of training that your child can take online, have fun while doing it and you can monitor the progress.




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If you could discover the progress in the following areas:



- Your student is excelling more in every course of study at school


- Your student has a confirmed and solid grasp of the English Language


- Your students’ progress is easily monitored by you the parent


- Have a knowledge of which words that your children have mastered


- Have a knowledge that your student has mastered a substantial number of words


- Knowing your student knows how to properly form sentence structure and has increase reading ability as a result


- Know which words that your child needs practice on and knowing the system will continue to perfect the areas of practice that need improving


SpellQuiz system automatically chooses the sentences with the words that require practice for the student. There simply is not a more effective online phonics system online available.


In addition, SpellQuiz will help to prepare your student for spelling bee competition. If English is your student’s second language, it is an ESL (English Second Language) tool to help master the English language.



The most important points:


- Structured and gradual training


- A clear understanding of the progress students makes in excelling in English Language Arts.


- Currently, we have  15000 words vocabulary for SpellQuiz


- The  future plans add more words for different topics, like chemistry, social studies


- As with any discipline, it is knowing the language that is the most important


So if you wish to get started now to make sure your child excels on the demands of a global economy and will excel in any pursuit they choose, you can confirm your desire now by subscribing as a member here:



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Spelling is not a focus in the US school system anymore and it is a shame. The focus is on testing, testing, testing, reading and math only. My students cannot spell even simple words that they should be able to spell. Maybe if we go back to old school methods like dictation they would be able to spell.

Mary Dean

Elementary teacher, M.B.A holder with two undergraduate degrees in education.



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