FAQ - SpellQuiz: The Ultimate Spelling Tests and Spelling Exercises Website for All Ages

Are you in search of unique, effective online spelling exercises to help your child learn phonics? Does your teenager need a more interesting and efficient way of quizzing themselves on spelling? Are you an adult looking to challenge and polish your English skills? If any of these situations apply to you, Spell Quiz can help!

1.What is SpellQuiz?

SpellQuiz is a resource for online spelling practices and online spelling tests, designed to meet the needs of children and adults of all ages. We teach our subscribers to develop their English spelling proficiency in an interactive and fun way. Our unique learning system integrates traditional teaching methods with a progressive, student-lead curriculum for a fulfilling, enjoyable learning experience.

2.How do I use the website?

Once you have signed up to a SpellQuiz subscription, our full program will be made available to you. Simply click on the ‘practice’ page to view the available online spelling exercises and spelling quizzes. Select the appropriate level, choosing from our range of materials for the 1st grade up to adult. Progress at your own pace through the spelling practice exercises, and then test your progress with an online spelling quiz. SpellQuiz’s unique leaning approach has been designed specifically so that your child can progress independently. They will gain the skills to assess their own work and evaluate their own ability to advance or continue to practice at the same level until they are ready to move forward.

3.How does SpellQuiz work?

At SpellQuiz, we have designed our program to develop your child’s phonemic awareness and skills. We utilize dictation and audio prompts which your child transcribes, gradually learning the association between the sounds and written language. Students figure out for themselves how to learn a word, not just how to spell THIS particular word. We apply a phonics based system which gives your child an innate understanding of the underlying patterns of spelling, rather than just rote learning each individual word.

4.What is phonics and how does it work?

If your school teachers ever told you to ‘sound it out,’ when trying to spell a word, you probably have some sense of what phonics is. If you look at the letter ‘s,’ for example, you will able to recognize that it represents not only a written shape, but also a sound. Every letter in the English language has a particular sound associated with it. This sound is called a ‘phoneme,’ while the written letter is a ‘grapheme.’ Phonics is the system by which children learn to connect the visual letter and its sound into one comprehensive unit. Thus, children can see that ‘s’ is not just a strangely shaped squiggle on paper, it is also the sound that a snake makes, for example. Students begin their reading education by learning individual letters but gradually learn to blend combinations of letters until they are able to read full words.

Phonics emerged as a literacy strategy at the turn of the 20th century, and has since become an integral part of English reading and writing education. The real advantage of phonics is that students need only learn a few basic rules and combinations to give them a comprehensive understanding of how to spell almost every English word. Phonics can be used to spell 84% of words in the English language, and students with phonemic awareness gain the skills to read, spell and manipulate the written word in new and creative ways. At SpellQuiz, we incorporate this well-established system into our spelling practice by mixing audio and visual resources, giving students the opportunity to make phonemic connections through experience.

5.Is SpellQuiz only for kids?

No! SpellQuiz is a great resource for adults who want to improve their spelling ability. We offer levels for almost every age group, from grade school all the way up to adult level. Whether you struggled with spelling at school, or you want to develop industry-specific vocabulary for your career, our adult spelling quiz program can help. We are constantly adding new topics, words and sentences to our word bank of 15,000 vocabulary items, providing a chance for everyone to learn, no matter what their age. 

6.Is SpellQuiz only for native English speakers?

SpellQuiz is not just for native learners, it’s also a useful tool for ESL/EFL/EAL (English as an Additional Language) students. Many international students lack an awareness of phonics and rely on rote learning to memorize the spelling of each individual word. This is a very inefficient learning method which often results in more frustration than success. Learn English online with the phonemic system we use at SpellQuiz, and our self-paced program allows students to progress without the pressure that can exist with face-to-face communication or a classroom environment. Try an English spelling quiz to improve your written communication skills and take your career or studies to the next level.

7.Who writes and records your exercises?

All of our content is written by English speakers from the USA and Canada. Our voice artists are also from the USA and Canada, ensuring clear and correct pronunciation and spelling at all times.

8.Do you use American or British spelling rules?

We use American English spelling in all our quizzes and exercises.

9.Do I need to supervise my child when they are using SpellQuiz?

It’s not necessary to watch your child while they are doing the spelling exercises, although some parents may wish to do so. SpellQuiz aspires to help children become responsible for their own learning, giving them the skills to self-regulate. Students who use our unique learning system become motivated as they can clearly see the progress they’ve made and exactly which words they have yet to master. While complicated school curriculums are often mystifying and de-motivating to children, SpellQuiz makes the whole process crystal clear, empowering kids to assess their own learning. We aim to create independent learners, and that sense of control children gain over their own learning can inspire them to make huge progress.

10.How can I keep track of my child’s learning?

Parents can easily monitor their child’s learning through our reports. At any time, sign into your account to view your child’s results. We provide comprehensive information on your child’s activity and progress on the site, such as the number of words your child has mastered, their score out of 100, the amount of time it took to complete each exercise and more.

For even more convenient access to your child’s information, subscribe to our email notification and we will email the reports directly to your inbox!

11.What are the Mastered Words in my report?

Mastered Words are the words your child has spelled correctly and consistently with no mistakes. Watching your number of Mastered Words go up can be a very encouraging way to track your progress.

12.How can I find which words my child struggles to learn?

Use the detailed reports to find the words your child has trouble with. The scores your child achieves for each exercise are clearly displayed, as is the number of words from that exercise which haven’t yet been mastered. Simply follow the provided link to any exercise your child appears to struggle with.

13.What is the Global Rank in my report?

Our Global Rank feature allows you to see how you child is doing compared to other SpellQuiz students. You can see how students from different countries across the world are doing, and your child may find encouragement by ‘competing’ with others to achieve the most Mastered Words.

14.My child is struggling at school, can SpellQuiz help?

Children who are having a hard time keeping up with their school workload may benefit from some extra help and practice outside of school hours. SpellQuiz offers your child structured, engaging spelling exercises and online spelling test work to develop spelling accuracy which translates directly to classroom use. You should start to see improvements in written schoolwork corresponding to your child’s SpellQuiz performance.

15.How much time should I spend on SpellQuiz?

The amount of time you spend using the SpellQuiz program depends on the individual. Just remember that learning is about developing sustainable habits. It can be tempting to spend several hours doing spelling tests just one day per week, but this isn’t a pattern for effective learning. Try to spend a little bit of time on the site every day, doing a few short exercises. Consistent practice helps your brain to transfer your learning into long-term memory, so a little bit everyday will give you the best results.

16.How many times should we do each exercise?

The beauty of SpellQuiz is that it can be done at your child’s pace. Education shouldn’t be treated as a ‘one size fits all’ endeavor, but unfortunately classrooms are becoming more and more standardized, with students forced to meet arbitrary guidelines that have little to do with real learning. At SpellQuiz, we recognize that every child is different and we give all our students the freedom to progress as slowly or quickly as they need.

17.What if my child can’t keep up with the exercises?

If your child is struggling with the exercises, they are free to continue practicing at that level until they feel ready to move on. That decision is up to your child and there’s no pressure to keep up with a pace that’s too fast for them. 

18.Can I ‘try before I buy’?

Yes, we offer a free trial for all users. There’s NO need to provide credit card information, and you’re welcome to 14 days of free use before you decide to purchase a full subscription.

19.How do I sign up?

To subscribe, simply visit the ‘subscription’ page on our website and select the type of subscription you would like. After filling in a brief form and setting up your account, you will have complete access to the SpellQuiz resources. 

20.I have several kids; can I get a family discount?

Yes, we offer a reduced rate for families with multiple children. Each additional child is costs only a few dollars over the basic subscription.

21.Is my information kept confidential?

Yes. Personal privacy is very important to us. When you create your account, you will generate your own password to secure your personal information. If you have an account with multiple users (e.g., your children), you can create an individual password for each user, so that everybody’s information is kept private.

22.How long should my child use SpellQuiz?

The length of time you wish to use the resources on the site depends on your child’s age and rate of progress. SpellQuiz can complement your child’s education throughout their entire school life. We have spelling exercises and tests for every level from the 1st grade and up, so why not make us part of your child’s education as they grow from a child to a teenager and beyond?

23.How long before I see progress?

There is no easy answer to this question, as every child is different and we all learn at different rates. Some children may just require a nudge to improve their confidence, while others may take longer to ‘get it.’ There is no right or wrong pace for learning, but if your child is struggling, keep in mind that consistent, frequent practice will speed up the learning process.

24.Which grade should I start to practice?

As with most journeys, the best place to start is at the beginning! We recommend starting at grade 1, no matter what your age and level. This really gives you a solid foundation to support all of your later progress. Every new sentence contains at least one new word which shouldn’t be missed. It can be tempting to skip ahead, but all your basic skills and core vocabulary are learned early on. In the long run, your future progress will be much faster and easier if you start with the basics.

25.Can’t I just make up my own dictations at home?

While any parent can practice dictation and mock spelling tests with their children at home, there are a few benefits that SpellQuiz will provide that you can’t get by yourself. Many parents work long hours to support their families and it’s not often practical to invest the amount of time and work necessary to tutor your kids after school. SpellQuiz offers your kids an environment independent of parents and teachers, allowing them to develop learning autonomy and self-study habits which are invaluable in ongoing education. You won’t always be around to look over your kids’ shoulders, forcing them to do their homework; self-motivation is essential for long-term success in any field.

It can be tricky to collect and interpret your child’s test results. We make this easy by doing the work for you. We collect your child’s data and compile it into an easy-to-read report that gives you a clear understanding of your child’s spelling level.

Above all, we at SpellQuiz are experienced educators with professional standards and a thorough knowledge of literacy teaching.

26.Will my child learn any skills apart from spelling?

While our focus is always on spelling, there are some secondary skills your child will acquire while undertaking the SpellQuiz program. Typing skills will improve as your child progresses through the dictation exercises. They will also improve their listening, pronunciation and comprehension, as well as widening their vocabulary. Greater phonemic awareness and spelling ability will also improve your child’s reading ability. 

27.What happens when we complete all of the exercises?

We are always working on adding to our content and with a bank of 15,000 vocabulary items there’s always something new to learn. We cater to children and adults alike, so there’s always a new goal to aim for.

28.My child wants to spell competitively, will SpellQuiz help us train for a spelling bee?

It may surprise some people that spelling can be a passion, but we know that spelling bees are a big industry and competition is fierce. Practice is often a tedious chore, but we have designed our spelling bee exercise for fun and efficient memorization. Often, words for spelling bees are learned in isolation, but because there is no context for each item, this is a very unnatural and inefficient way to memorize the vocabulary. We rarely use just a single word in real life, with no sentence for context. At SpellQuiz we take the spelling bee vocabulary and incorporate it into sentences so students can build mental patterns and associations around the words. This format helps students to memorize and learn to spell in a natural way. Doing a spelling bee quiz online can also take your kid’s nose out of the dictionary and reignite their excitement for spelling.

29.Can I use SpellQuiz to homeschool my kids?

SpellQuiz can be integrated into a homeschool curriculum to enhance literacy instruction, but doesn’t provide a complete education. We specialize in spelling, and that’s what we do best. Our program is designed to supplement an existing education and therefore we don’t provide materials for reading or other topics. 

30.I’m a teacher, can I use SpellQuiz for my students?

Absolutely! We offer a specific teachers’ subscription which can be used for your students at school. Use it to help prepare a spelling program and create a spelling quiz for your class.

31.What is the difference between a free license for a teacher and a paid one?

The free license is limited to one quiz per week, while the paid account allows an unrestricted number of tests.

32.What is the difference between parent and teacher accounts?

The parents’ subscription is a more comprehensive option as it provides a huge repository of words for your child to practice in addition to assessments. This type of account also captures information on your child’s progress, including mastered words, time spent practicing and so on.

The teachers' account helps you to prepare and assess spelling quizzes with almost no time or effort. SpellQuiz compiles and scores all of your students’ results at once, helping you gain a clear overview of your class’s spelling ability with our report summary. You still have the option to customize your tests by creating your own word lists and audio recordings and you are also able to set a time limit on your test to suit the needs of your class.