I stumbled upon spellquiz.com while searching for something to support my year 5 class. They are all on different levels and most with English as a second language. I immediately liked spellquiz.com and, more importantly, so did my students. The dictation element has really helped their listening skills. The fact the students can work through it at their own pace is invaluable as they are all at different points in their learning. Often, beginner spelling assignments are aimed at young children. We love that there is no great difference to the way the groups of spelling words are taught. Thanks a lot, Spell Quiz- we are getting better!

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flagEmma Donsophon

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English teacher

My son joined SpellQuiz and he loves it.

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flagThuy Nguyen

User since 21 February 2024

SpellQuiz is very easy to use, and the students enjoy the self-paced learning - including spelling, vocabulary, idioms and tests. As a teacher, this is a consistent and easy format to follow, with reward of certificates to keep them inspired and on-track with their graded learnings - highly recommended for teachers and students alike. https://youtu.be/dJ1kr819q70

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flagJaya Lewis

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Writer/Researcher, ESL Teacher

As a homeschool parent of multiple children I was looking for a program the kids can do independently. When I found spell quiz I was really excited, because it's simple to navigate, and fun to do! I even enjoy doing it on the adult level. It's great that it doesn't teaching spelling as isolated words, but rather in use as a complete sentence with proper grammar and punctuation. My kids do it independently and they ENJOY it too!

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flagBracha Kivelevitz

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Homeschool Mom

I tried so many different spelling sites but always ends up deleting or unsubscribing. When I found SpellQuiz I know I found the perfect site. It is very simple to use, no complications, yet it is so much fun. The skill area being targeted here is not actually limited to spelling only. Listening, dictation, typing, vocabulary and speed are also being strengthened. Thank you for the brilliant minds working on this site. You are a blessing to us most especially during these challenging times. You are a great help in developing the minds of every child or student that come across this site. More power and blessings! We love SpellQuiz!

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flagCherry Latoza

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Homeschooling Mom

My daughter is a sixth-grade international student. We are in Australia. I have been looking for websites to learn spelling to help my daughter learn English. Until we found Spellquiz, after three days of trial, we decided to keep using this website to learn. My daughter is very interested. She can learn by herself. The English operation is very simple. It can complete 50% in 10 minutes of learning a day. It obviously improves listening and spelling, and can also increase the speed of typing. It’s great, I also recommended this website to many friends around me who need to improve their English.

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flagYao Shaoyan

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Mum - spoken in Chinese

My 7 year old has made such immense progress in his spelling since starting the SpellQuiz program 4 months ago. He has struggled with sounding out words and memorization in general. SpellQuiz is interactive and engaging in a way that the standard school spelling instruction is not. We are so thrilled to see his spelling confidence grow!

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flagMichele Croft

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Hi, I need to say that the Spell Quiz is a very good platform, you learn very easy and very well, I have been learning a lot.

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flagRosa Ines

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This is best site for learning and improving English. Thank you very much.

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flagNaza Mamiasova

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My family is very grateful that we have found SpellQuiz. It gives our kids a superb platform to learn the English language. We love how easy, enjoyable, interactive, yet challenging the activities are. We love that our kids don't only learn spelling, but learn grammar, vocabulary, speech, and also keyboarding. My kids themselves say they love doing it. Thank you so much! Your program is superb and we love referring it to friends.

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flagPi Llena

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Language Interpreter