I stumbled upon spellquiz.com while searching for something to support my year 5 class. They are all on different levels and most with English as a second language. I immediately liked spellquiz.com and, more importantly, so did my students. The dictation element has really helped their listening skills. The fact the students can work through it at their own pace is invaluable as they are all at different points in their learning. Often, beginner spelling assignments are aimed at young children. We love that there is no great difference to the way the groups of spelling words are taught. Thanks a lot, Spell Quiz- we are getting better!

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flagEmma Donsophon

User since 4 May 2021

English teacher

As a homeschool parent of multiple children I was looking for a program the kids can do independently. When I found spell quiz I was really excited, because it's simple to navigate, and fun to do! I even enjoy doing it on the adult level. It's great that it doesn't teaching spelling as isolated words, but rather in use as a complete sentence with proper grammar and punctuation. My kids do it independently and they ENJOY it too!

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flagBracha Kivelevitz

User since 4 March 2021

Homeschool Mom

I tried so many different spelling sites but always ends up deleting or unsubscribing. When I found SpellQuiz I know I found the perfect site. It is very simple to use, no complications, yet it is so much fun. The skill area being targeted here is not actually limited to spelling only. Listening, dictation, typing, vocabulary and speed are also being strengthened. Thank you for the brilliant minds working on this site. You are a blessing to us most especially during these challenging times. You are a great help in developing the minds of every child or student that come across this site. More power and blessings! We love SpellQuiz!

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flagCherry Latoza

User since 17 February 2020

Homeschooling Mom

My daughter is a sixth-grade international student. We are in Australia. I have been looking for websites to learn spelling to help my daughter learn English. Until we found Spellquiz, after three days of trial, we decided to keep using this website to learn. My daughter is very interested. She can learn by herself. The English operation is very simple. It can complete 50% in 10 minutes of learning a day. It obviously improves listening and spelling, and can also increase the speed of typing. It’s great, I also recommended this website to many friends around me who need to improve their English.

testimonial avatar

flagYao Shaoyan

User since 12 June 2021

Mum - spoken in Chinese

My 7 year old has made such immense progress in his spelling since starting the SpellQuiz program 4 months ago. He has struggled with sounding out words and memorization in general. SpellQuiz is interactive and engaging in a way that the standard school spelling instruction is not. We are so thrilled to see his spelling confidence grow!

testimonial avatar

flagMichele Croft

User since 15 May 2020

Hi, I need to say that the Spell Quiz is a very good platform, you learn very easy and very well, I have been learning a lot.

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flagRosa Ines

User since 23 November 2019


This is best site for learning and improving English. Thank you very much.

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flagNaza Mamiasova

User since 24 January 2020


My family is very grateful that we have found SpellQuiz. It gives our kids a superb platform to learn the English language. We love how easy, enjoyable, interactive, yet challenging the activities are. We love that our kids don't only learn spelling, but learn grammar, vocabulary, speech, and also keyboarding. My kids themselves say they love doing it. Thank you so much! Your program is superb and we love referring it to friends.

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flagPi Llena

User since 30 November 2020

Language Interpreter

My 6 and half year old daughter enjoys Spell Quiz too much. She has a lot of interest in spellings. I feel, this site is too good for kids who wants to do well in spelling contests. She loves solving the tasks everyday after her homework. Its kind of a blessing that we came to know about this site. Champions are in making.

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flagSuprashant Mohanty

User since 28 July 2020

Software Engineer

We have tried other spelling programs in the past and none of the others have been as engaging as Spell Quiz. My son appreciates the fact that it makes the learning process fun. Instead of a relentless display of word after word, requiring an act of memorization and nothing more. Spell Quiz presents the words in a way that also puts punctuation and grammar usage into play. His composition skills as a whole because of this, are getting better. Keep up the good work Spell Quiz team!

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flagDamien Carlson

User since 25 October 2021

Sales Account Executive

I was looking for a website that can assist my daughter with her spelling difficulties & am glad to stumble upon spellquiz.com. While my daughter is good in speaking English, but she struggles with her spellings. I am going to note down the best things about this website: 1. Nice and clean website without being daunting to children. 2. Children who can manage computers can do really well with this site. 3. Improves listening skills along with spellings. 4. Makes it possible to hear a native speaker of English dictating sentences. 5. The repetition slow mode is wonderful for non-native speakers to understand. 6. Children can learn at their own pace anywhere. 7. Wrong spellings are saved in the UI & can be viewed easily. 8. Website will give an opportunity to learn the wrong spellings by intelligently spacing them in later sentences. 9. Children can easily click on a word to get its meaning online. 10. Improves typing skills as well. All in all a fantastic website.

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flagJoelle Paul

User since 27 February 2021

IT Engineer

My students have been participating in the spell quiz programme for the past 4 weeks during the lockdown and have had fun learning to spell. They have become better at listening and spelling. My students are very competitive and always like sharing their results and achievements with their peers and also with me so they can receive my praise, feedback and feedforward. They are encouraged to share also to their blogs and when we return to school they will create a video recording of them going through an activity, so others are able to see what they do to get their great results. Thank you, SpellQuiz. We appreciate the fun learning opportunity.

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flagMary Tewhata

User since 14 April 2020


After searching for an online spelling site for my Home Learning program, I came across this awesome site. I told my class about it, and they loved it immediately!! The different areas that the children can work on is very comprehensive and great fun. Additionally, I can create my own word lists and set them as quizzes which is an excellent feature. I can't wait for my class to also try out the SBO which looks great fun. I have recommended this site to my colleagues both at school and in other International schools who I'm sure will use the site as well.

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flagPeter Parsons

User since 27 March 2020

Deputy Principal - Year 2 Teacher

This is a brilliant programme for my son who is home schooled in the UK. He is coming on leaps and bounds with his vocabulary and spelling and importantly, gaining confidence every day.

testimonial avatar

flagStephanie Stanley

User since 11 February 2020

Home school tutor

Like many educators, it was pretty challenging to find ways to continue motivating our students whilst in lockdown. So I’m really glad that I came across this website. Not only does it challenge the students in a well-structured educational manner but motivates them to reach higher and higher levels as the global and group contest pushes them further than just a simple exercise would.

testimonial avatar

flagWayne Bundy

User since 24 April 2020


As a grade 6/7 classroom teacher and technology integration specialist, I was trying everything. Only Spell Quiz integrated audio allowed custom content, and provided the flexibility I needed with my class in terms of spelling and vocab. It's helping to keep my kids happy and learning in a tough time.

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flagBryce Woollcombe

User since 7 January 2020

Teacher gr 6/7, Tech Integration

Spelling is not a focus in the US school system anymore and it is a shame. The focus is on testing, testing, testing, reading and math only. My students cannot spell even simple words that they should be able to spell. Maybe if we go back to old school methods like dictation they would be able to spell.

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flagMary Dean

User since NaN undefined NaN

Elementary teacher, M.B.A holder with two undergraduate degrees in education.

My nine-year-old son’s spelling is a relative area of weakness and we, therefore, have been looking for online help. To that end, we have tried a number of other sites. He has found Spellquiz very useful, not just because it presents spelling aurally but also because it helps him develop his typing. He has been spending time on the site willingly and gladly with no need of encouragement from us. The only suggestion I would have is that, as Australians, UK spelling would be preferable, but this is a minor issue and does not outweigh SpellQuiz's usefulness. We are very pleased to have found SpellQuiz.

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User since 14 November 2019

Father, doctor, academic.

I created Spellquiz class for my Grade 2 to start spelling and vocabulary practice in the hardest days of our lives, when coronavirus spread stopped our live teaching. My pupils enjoyed learning skills very much, and that made me very happy, as my students were kept busy and their distant learning was very productive. I am very grateful to Spellquiz Team for creating valuable activities for kids and facilitating easier learning.

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flagGulshan Bakhishli

User since 9 March 2020

Mainstream Teacher

The best service for learning spelling I've ever used. Pretty simple but genius idea.

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flagAnatolii Sidei

User since 3 January 2020


I help my children to learn English and I was looking forward to online spelling practices. After we had tried some of them we found Spell Quiz. I can honestly say: it is the best. Every member of my family can improve their spelling skills in an amusing way. We love this site.

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flagJulianna Kátay

User since 13 November 2019


Thank you for your wonderful platform very much! For children and adults alike, SpellQuiz is one of the best sources for learning English spelling. Not only did it help me to improve my spelling, but it also helped me to expand my vocabulary a great deal. I also love how easy the platform is to navigate and how user-friendly it is. The learning process feels like a fun game that you're willing to play day by day.

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flagTati Sk

User since 2 February 2020


SpellQuiz is the most updated, intricate, and smart platform online to bolster your English skills.

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flagSamira Tasneem

User since 21 December 2018

Blog Writer

I have been homeschooling my children for 12 years, and out of all of the spelling programs I have tried (phonics, workbooks, on-line games, Reading Eggs etc) Spell Quiz is by far the best! Too many programs only test the child on single words, which results in the most important skill - CONTEXT - sorely lacking. Only when a word is properly used in a sentence can context truly be learned. Spell Quiz solves this problem by using dictation. A child no longer writes a single word but an entire sentence. Full marks are only given once the correct spelling, punctuation, and capital letters are in place. Homophones - which my children struggled with initially - are also emphasized. If a word is learned, it is placed in a "mastered" list. Words which are still difficult for the child are placed in a separate list and can be printed out for extra practice. Spell Quiz provides tests where you may easily learn which grade level they are presently spelling at. Most importantly, Spell Quiz has a tracking system where children from around the world are ranked according to their spelling level. This has motivated my children to acquire as many spelling words as possible to "level up". If you have children which are reluctant spellers, give Spell Quiz a whirl since there is a no obligation FREE TRIAL.

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flagC. Polton

User since 1 July 2018

Homeschool Mom

The only way to achieve the impossible is believing that it is possible.

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flagBrianna Clarke

User since NaN undefined NaN


I am 10. I am going to tell everyone to go on this website because you all kind people on here and you speak really nice to the customer and you really do need to tell your message why you have gotten 10 stars

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flagBetanya Mamo

User since 21 January 2020

Amazing site .

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flagSafy Mostafa

User since 22 November 2019

English teacher

Spell quiz has helped my child in her spelling, vocabulary, and listening skills. It has been a big help for her to improve her English. This has been one of the best platforms that we have used so far.

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flagG. Ocampo

User since 9 May 2020


The user interface is simple & game-like. I enjoy the format of the spelling quizzes: you listen to a phrase, type the words in a text field, proofread what you’ve typed, then click to see if you’ve made any errors in spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Any misspelled word will show up as hyperlink that can be clicked to view its definition. If you make an error, the phrase is later repeated until you’ve mastered the words. I’ve encountered only a small number of mistakes, the most significant being in the third spelling quiz for adults in which the following sentence is dictated: The dread of pestilence made the citizens do all they could to discountenance theatrical entertainments. After typing the above and clicking the check button, the word “The” was crossed out and the word “These” showed as a hyperlink. More phrases were dictated and then the phrase was repeated. Typing "These dread of pestilence made the citizens do all they could to discountenance theatrical entertainments." was marked as correct. The mistake proved to be a good memory test! The adult-level spelling quizzes have been challenging enough to improve my spelling & vocabulary, recall of sentences, and typing skills. Also, I used the free version without seeing any intrusive ads. I’m very impressed with SpellQuiz!

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flagAiden Hawnt

User since 17 February 2020


My daughter is always the resourceful one and that she wins so many friends in either her peer group or with kids above and below her age range. She's been a consistent honors student. But the thing I noticed she needs improvement with was her spelling. We tried searching for the best sites on the web until I came across Spell Quiz. From the user interface alone I knew that this is the one site for her development. It got her engaged with all your activities, she can even skip her snack time just to complete each lesson or quiz. Thanks Spell Quiz, truly a life saver!

testimonial avatar

flagZoe Reyes

User since 10 May 2020

Cusomer Service Representative

Using spellquiz is an overwhelming experience. I am good at academics but somewhere I struggle with spellings and pronunciations. Spellquiz gives a very engaging platform to me to attempt short exercises in order to built spellings. It's a sorted website with so much clarity on progress and mastered-unmastered word list. I can't thank enough to developers and whole team of spellquiz to help me grow.

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flagAyaana Singh

User since 8 May 2020

I am using this website over 3 weeks and I have found out it is really great place to improve your spelling and vocabulary.

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flagAdam Moghaddam

User since 22 June 2020


I have been learning English a lot from this site. Thank you for your fantastic site. It has helped me to improve my listening and typing skills. In my opinion, It is very useful for improving English and also for everyone who is trying to IELTS exams.

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flagmarjan soltani

User since 30 June 2020

computer engineer

Hello As a parent I'm very happy to find the best place for my kid to practice spelling. Because of this awesome SQ my daughter improved in her spelling and learned a lot of new vocabulary. Thank you SpellQuiz.

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flagSouad Aroussi Alami

User since 7 May 2020


Thank you for your site. It has helped me to improve my writing skills. It can be very useful for everyone who is trying to pass TOEFL exams or IELTS exams.

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User since 11 September 2019

Spellquiz is one such platform which is useful for every child's vocabulary builder. It has boost learning skills for my child of class 1 ever since he is using this platform. As a teacher as well as a parent I recommend this for every child. Kudos to the team of spellquiz for providing an outstanding and brilliant learning platform.

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flagNidhi Agarwal

User since 26 September 2020

Teacher and Parent

Hello Spell Quiz! - I'm Casie and i'm 10 years old. I was always struggling at spelling at first and i needed a site that can teach me Spelling and Great grammar.......i went true a'lot of sites, but nothing helped me with my Grammar and Spelling. when i found Spell Quiz its like ..a fun and interesting site that teaches me Spelling and Grammar while playing games at the same time. My brain started to improve and i became great at my Spelling. My grammar has changed also, now i can now write or type easily without making any mistakes! Thank you Spell quiz for making this fun site and i visit this site everyday and it has changed my life! And my brain Thanked for it.

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flagCastalia Sadie Garcia

User since 16 September 2020

I do not know where to start. I have loved studying since I was a child. All lessons. But unfortunately I did not have a good teacher for language lessons. Not that teacher !!! Everything about English was a problem in my country's education system (I live in Iran). Teachers who had neither the correct pronunciation nor the appropriate tests. I remember being in seventh grade and getting sick for a week. And for a week, the language teacher taught WH questions. I had a problem with this until the end of the year. I never learned to write or pronounce them. Until I taught myself. And I realized that this is not the way they teach us. And that's why I've always tried to find the content myself. But this kind of learning was very difficult. Unfortunately, at the time, sites like this were not yet available. This site is what I needed 15 years ago. And do not doubt that there is nothing but practice that this site is great for practice. I hope you use this site. And you will see the unseen effect on the progress of your students and children. I thank the site for all their efforts. You have created a very unique and extraordinary site.

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flagMahdi Khalilnezhad

User since NaN undefined NaN

Economic researcher

Hi! I can recommend this site for everyone because there are all kinds of levels. The site contains a wide range of words with example sentences. I also like to guess what they are saying and to have to be perfect with the spelling. The site is well organised with statistics, tests etc. And what's giving me motivation is the ranking system and when I'm receiving a certificate.

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flagJörgen Olsson

User since 1 November 2020

Packaging Worker

We have 8 children and I have tried many times to find an online spelling program that really improved spelling and saved me time. Spell Quiz has proven effective for several of my children. It tracks the words each student is missing. It also requires the student to listen carefully and think about capitalization and punctuation. I notice that on average my children gain more than 100 words a week on the list of words mastered. That is many more than I could cover if I were to give each student a spelling list to work on and test with me each week. Thank you Spell Quiz for a program that is effective and easy to use.

testimonial avatar

flagSusan Riley

User since 12 January 2021


We realized that our foster daughter was reading below her grade level hence she was struggling in her Language Arts class, and of course the main reason was her spelling. So I scoured the internet for hours to find help and came upon Spellquiz and loved it. We did the free trial, having her practice at least an hour per day. We saw tremendous improvement and we willingly subscribed. After 3 months her grade went from a D to a B. Needless to say we would recommend this program to anyone. It’s worth every penny.

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flagMarvett Cobourne

User since 18 October 2020

Math Teacher

Hello everyone. I'm from Ecuador. Teacher. I have always believed that one of the best ways to learn a language is through "dictation". I had tried various options until I found SpellQuizz. I can listen to native sentences that already have a fixed grammatical structure that allows me to memorize, retain and practice them. It is an extraordinary platform and I am learning a lot through it. Greetings from South America. Ecuador.

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flagJessica Torres

User since 11 April 2020


I am Mohammed from Iraq. I try to learn English as a second language. I found this website very helpful. I have learned more than 1000 words. Also, it helps me to learn how to spell them correctly. Besides all these benefits, Spellquiz helps me to improve my grammar and listening skills.

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flagMohammedalbaqer Alghizi

User since 8 March 2021


I've really enjoyed using spell quiz with my daughter. I like the way it's set up with the sentences read aloud and the immediate feedback on how she did. She then practices any words missed. This program is highly effective!

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flagMelody Gore

User since 29 April 2021

Homeschool Mom

I used to use a spelling assistant while writing my essays so my level in spelling lowered recently. Fortunately, I discovered Spell quiz and it is the one and only way which helped me in spelling and improving my vocabulary. Thanks to Spell Quiz now I can type with confidence.

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User since 4 June 2020


I stumbled on SpellQuiz when I was given the task to organise a spelling bee competition for a school online. The resources I gathered helped a great deal with pronunciation and word classes. I would recommend this great app to anyone, adult or child. Well done to the team!

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flagModupe Ojo

User since 11 May 2020


With the distant learning that we're facing right now due to global pandemic this site is so useful and one of the things I'm thanking for. My daughter is fond of this site. She learned a lot of things. From dictation, to the correct pronunciation. And her typing skills are also improving thru this site. Thank you for creating this site for the kids!

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flagSam Gonzales

User since 12 August 2021

Thank you so much for this amazing platform. I really like this because it solves my big issue of spelling mistakes. For many years I was not able to fix my spelling mistakes. Teacher suggests me to write once page each day, but I'm not getting better. Then I start searching for some tool which helps me to solve this problem. As I found this spell quiz on the internet, made an account on it and set the everyday reminder to solve some exercises. These exercise help me a lot, now when I try to write something I'm confident with spellings. Thanks

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flagHassan Shahzad Aheer

User since 23 August 2021

Software Developer

I think your platform is excellent my nine-year-old is doing a fantastic job in learning new ways to not only spell but the punctuation as well. I appreciate the email updates and it is very simple to use.

testimonial avatar

flagSarah EKt

User since 24 August 2021


My name is Laura Polo. I have been teaching English to children and adults for many years. I studied to be a Professional in Modern Languages at Universidad EAN in Bogotá, D.C., Colombia, South America and I specialized in the English Language. I also studied Translation of Written Texts at Universidad Nacional of Colombia. I strongly believe that spelling is one of the most important components of successful writing and correct pronunciation in the process of learning English, that's why I felt so happy when I found SpellQuiz. This is a valuable tool that allows all my students to improve their level of grammar, vocabulary, listening and English spelling skills in a dynamic and fun way. I also have to say that this is a useful and friendly platform not only for my children students but also for my adult students. I am highly surprised to see the amount of multiple activities available on the site, all so different but with the same purpose, to facilitate the learning process and improve the English language skills. I definitely love SpellQuiz and I recommend it to all my students!

testimonial avatar

flagLaura Polo

User since 6 September 2021

Professional in Modern Languages and Translator of written texts.

I am so glad to participate as a parent in this spell quiz.

testimonial avatar

flagLolade Oduwale

User since 2 November 2021


Hello! My name is Renan, I’m from Brazil. Well, I’m Physics and Math Teacher, and Master of Science Education. I can say that SpellQuiz is helping me a lot to improve my English skills. I guess it’s one of the best platforms that I already used to learn English. I think this learning method is very effective for both kids and adults. I once read that people learn a new language, at any age, when they understand a message, and I think that the SpellQuiz idea is precisely this, to bring us messages to understand. Well, in SpellQuiz we can find so many tools to help us improve our listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, as well as, to increase our vocabulary. I recommend it!

testimonial avatar

flagRenan Peres

User since 11 December 2020

Physics and Math Teacher

My daugter is happy with spell quiz. She can learn and have fun both at the same time. Since we dicovered it, we visit the site daily, and try to do 10 min of spellquiz. I love that she learns in a fun way. It' simple, free and easy to use. Can it be better? Thank you so much for creating teh site.

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flagHannah Castillo

User since 31 October 2021


Very helpful and well-organized site!

testimonial avatar

flagPetko Aleksandrov

User since 30 November 2020

I am a tutor, I work in the United States, and my students are all over the world. I use the spelling and online spelling bee functions of the website with my students.

testimonial avatar

flagPepper M.

User since 14 November 2021


Thank you for improving my English!

testimonial avatar

flagAli Raeisspour

User since 29 December 2021

We stumbled on this site accidently. As a teacher , I love it> No more printing out pages. My students are going to learn to love it. Thank you for making such an interactive, all in one place site for Spelling.

testimonial avatar

flagRemona Powell

User since 20 January 2021


Hi spell quiz, Your site has really helped me in my spellings. Thanks so much for this site.

testimonial avatar

flagJatanjeet Singh

User since 5 February 2021

While searching for exciting ways to enhance the experience of my ESL students, I ended up on the Spell Quiz site. The students find the site very helpful and fun. I love the choices of English accents and the immediate feedback! Thanks for providing this resource.

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User since 27 February 2022

Online ESL tutor

HI! I find SpellQuiz extremely useful for my kids. They can practice at their own time. It helps improve their listening skills along with typing and spellings.

testimonial avatar

flagRuchika Sabherwal

User since 8 February 2022

House Mom

This is a good listening practice site, I heard about it from a teacher's blog and I really like it. Listening is from beginner to intermediate and finally to advanced, which is very suitable for me, and the website interface is also very fresh and very comfortable

testimonial avatar

flagshy wait

User since 23 February 2022

I teach English in Mexico to non-native speakers. I have found that SpellQuiz provides me with great ideas and exercises to use when doing writing and reading tasks. It is a great tool and has helped me with preparing my classes for students at different levels.

testimonial avatar

flagJudith Rabar

User since 26 February 2021

English tutor

My daughter and I are really finding SpellQuiz useful and helpful. There is a really good selection of interactive spelling exercises, which are very good for improving spelling and vocabulary. I would recommend SpellQuiz to any parent, particularly homeschooling parents. Also a big thank you to the SoellQuiz team for their speedy help and support.

testimonial avatar

flagDarren Tunstall

User since 18 March 2022

Home Schooling Parent

My students are the best at doing quizzes.

testimonial avatar

flagHaven Knighten

User since 3 May 2022

This site is so very helpful for my child. My daughter struggles with spelling and the repetition with this program is so helpful and it really works for her! Plus she looks forward to doing it everyday! Great site and great program.

testimonial avatar

flagChristina Weeman

User since 29 March 2022

The best thing I have ever seen is on this SpellQuiz... I am an International trainer I am teaching learners of all age groups. This Spell quiz is just awesome it helps not only imbibing the vocab but also gives lots of fun while learning its the best vegas activity to do so...

testimonial avatar

flagParul Batra

User since 28 June 2022

English Trainer

I am the father of Alan Liu. Alan is seven years old boy and will go to second grade this upcoming August. I registered for him on this English word learning website on June 28 and he really likes the resources that Spellquiz provides. In less than one month, I can feel that his English has improved dramatically. I highly recommend this useful website for all English learners.

testimonial avatar

flagAlan Liu

User since 19 June 2022


SpellQuiz is very easy to use, and the students enjoy the self-paced learning - including spelling, vocabulary, idioms and tests. As a teacher, this is a consistent and easy format to follow, with reward of certificates to keep them inspired and on-track with their graded learnings - highly recommended for teachers and students alike. https://youtu.be/dJ1kr819q70

testimonial avatar

flagJaya Lewis

User since 12 March 2022

Writer/Researcher, ESL Teacher

I'm a semi-retired ESL teacher. I have a Facebook group for English as a Second Language (ESL). I post links to websites that I consider to be useful. SpellQuiz fits the bill!

testimonial avatar

flagSheila Thompson

User since 25 June 2022

semi-retired ESL teacher

Never knew how to spell until this :)

testimonial avatar

flagHunter Luong

User since 14 September 2022


Spelling was always the weakest part of my English proficiency. A while ago I decided that I want to improve my English spelling abilities. This is why I try to practice spelling for a few minutes every day. I tried out dozens of English spelling practice web apps and can say that SpellQuiz is the best. The web app itself and the spelling curriculum are very well made. There are a lot of exercises with a gradual progression in difficulty. The progression is nicely segmented, which motivates you to do continuous exercise until you finish the current segment and can move to the next one. Since I started regularly practicing on SpellQuiz a couple of months ago, there has been a noticeable improvement in my English spelling ability. I highly recommend SpellQuiz to anyone wishing to improve their spelling proficiency!

testimonial avatar

flagSimon Oberčkal

User since 30 October 2022

IT student

Hello, my name is Chris Watkinson. I’ve been using spellquiz.com now for over 1 month. My spelling knowledge has really improved. I never knew how bad my spelling was before I started using spell quiz website. It truly is an amazing website. I 100% would recommend it for anyone who’s looking to brush up on their spellings. This truly is a game changer.

testimonial avatar

flagChris Watkinson

User since 12 December 2022

Part time student

I was diagnosed with dyslexia as a child, and since then I have struggled with spelling. 1 month ago I got the idea that maybe I am mis diagnosed and the reason I struggled with spelling is because of the way as was taught. I Decided to try to relearn to read and write from the ground up. A few hundred hoers would surly pay itself back if turns it is possible for me to read and write as good as anyone. One of the first things I realized was that you are supposed to learn words by hard. Before I always kind of thought that when you know the alphabet and a few spelling rules you should know how to read and write. Like it is in math, when you can count to 100 you do not need to practice how to count to 200, you just follow the pattern. I guest I am a bit silly for not realizing this before I turned 30 years old, but better late than never. This is when spellquiz comes into the picture, I need to learn a loot of word, and spellquiz is perfect for that. I started in first grade and have worked my way up to 5th grade by now. It is awesome to have small lessons I can do which includes some new words and a lot of repetition of old words.

testimonial avatar

flagSimen Sollihøgda

User since 19 September 2022


My son`s teacher told us about this platform. My son enjoy doing it and improve his skills very fast. Spellquizz is very good made platform and we recommend it!

testimonial avatar

flagAlex Penk

User since 5 January 2023


I am an adult non-native English speaker who has been seeking ways to improve my spelling in preparation for the TOEFL exam. Spelling has always been a challenge for me, as I primarily learned English through listening and was nervous about the writing section. After using spellquiz.com for two weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to score above 20 on the writing section, which I consider a decent result. I continue to use spellquiz.com on a regular basis to improve my everyday spelling, as it feels both fun and relaxing. I even find myself missing it on days when I am too busy to take a quiz.

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User since 3 January 2023


Spell Quiz recreates the experience of having an online classroom teacher, giving students words in context/in a sentence, rather than just a list of individual words. This makes it easier to identify homographs and homophones (e.g. to/two/too or 'lead the company' vs 'the metal, lead'.) The Spelling Bee Online is competitive and great fun, and the spelling lists are extensive. There is a choice of four countries for your profile (US, Canada, UK or Australia), which means you are likely to get a 'local' voice dictating your sentences. By taking the 'Vocabulary' Test, your students can also see the approximate size of their vocabulary with an estimated grade level (from 1st Grade to Adult). The only small negatives I've observed so far are that all the words seem to require US spelling, even if you select UK or Australia for your profile, and it doesn't seem to mention it anywhere in the FAQs, but your answer is marked incorrect if you don't punctuate the dictation sentence correctly (i.e. if you include a comma when there shouldn't be one, or miss a comma when SpellQuiz thinks there should be one). Answers even seem to be marked incorrect if you accidentally hit 'submit' with an extra space or two at the end of the sentence, after the full stop! However, students are given another attempt at answering the questions correctly, after they've completed the rest of the list, so these issues don't prevent them from achieving a perfect score. That said, if SpellQuiz were able to address these issues, it would make the product an even better teaching tool!

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flagFiona Allan

User since 3 January 2023


I really appreciate Spell quiz. I feel like it's giving me large 'jumps' in my spelling progress.

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flagD Robinson

User since 22 December 2022


As someone who is learning English as a second language, I have found SpellQuiz to be an invaluable resource for improving my language skills. The website is easy to navigate and provides a wide range of quizzes and exercises that are both challenging and engaging. One of the things I appreciate most about SpellQuiz is the variety of topics covered in their quizzes. Whether I am looking to improve my vocabulary, grammar, or spelling, there is always a quiz available that is tailored to my specific needs. Overall, I highly recommend SpellQuiz to anyone who is learning English language. The website is user-friendly, informative, and provides a wealth of resources that are designed to help learners improve their language skills in a fun and engaging way. Thank you SpellQuiz!

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flagSovit Ghimire

User since 29 January 2023

Software Developer

I use Spellquiz in my 5th grade classroom to accommodate the variety of learning levels. It enables me to teach students at their level and the kids really enjoy their daily practice!

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flagNicole P

User since 27 October 2022


Our students love the SpellQuiz program. It is simple and thorough. Just 15 minutes a day is making a huge difference.

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flagSarah Cheek

User since 18 April 2023

Head of School

For a non-native English speaker with the desire to improve my English spelling ability, SpellQuiz is an excellent resource. Regular spelling practice has noticeably improved my spelling proficiency. SpellQuiz is easy to use and it has available endless number of exercises of varying difficulty for all skill levels. I recommend SpellQuiz to anyone wishing to become more proficient speller!

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flagBlaž Nob

User since 15 November 2022

Biology student