This is best site for learning and improving English. Thank you very much.

Naza Mamiasova

User since Jan 24, 2020 11:25 AM


The best service for learning spelling I've ever used. Pretty simple but genius idea.

Anatolii Sidei

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I am 10. I am going to tell everyone to go on this website because you all kind people on here and you speak really nice to the customer and you really do need to tell your message why you have gotten 10 stars

Betanya Mamo

User since Jan 21, 2020 11:23 PM

Spelling is not a focus in the US school system anymore and it is a shame. The focus is on testing, testing, testing, reading and math only. My students cannot spell even simple words that they should be able to spell. Maybe if we go back to old school methods like dictation they would be able to spell.

Mary Dean

User since Nov 20, 2017 7:00 AM

Elementary teacher, M.B.A holder with two undergraduate degrees in education.

SpellQuiz is the most updated, intricate, and smart platform online to bolster your English skills.

Samira Tasneem

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Amazing site .

Safy Mostafa

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English teacher

My nine-year-old son’s spelling is a relative area of weakness and we, therefore, have been looking for online help. To that end, we have tried a number of other sites. He has found Spellquiz very useful, not just because it presents spelling aurally but also because it helps him develop his typing. He has been spending time on the site willingly and gladly with no need of encouragement from us. The only suggestion I would have is that, as Australians, UK spelling would be preferable, but this is a minor issue and does not outweigh SpellQuiz's usefulness. We are very pleased to have found SpellQuiz.


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Father, doctor, academic.

I have been homeschooling my children for 12 years, and out of all of the spelling programs I have tried (phonics, workbooks, on-line games, Reading Eggs etc) Spell Quiz is by far the best! Too many programs only test the child on single words, which results in the most important skill - CONTEXT - sorely lacking. Only when a word is properly used in a sentence can context truly be learned. Spell Quiz solves this problem by using dictation. A child no longer writes a single word but an entire sentence. Full marks are only given once the correct spelling, punctuation, and capital letters are in place. Homophones - which my children struggled with initially - are also emphasized. If a word is learned, it is placed in a "mastered" list. Words which are still difficult for the child are placed in a separate list and can be printed out for extra practice. Spell Quiz provides tests where you may easily learn which grade level they are presently spelling at. Most importantly, Spell Quiz has a tracking system where children from around the world are ranked according to their spelling level. This has motivated my children to acquire as many spelling words as possible to "level up". If you have children which are reluctant spellers, give Spell Quiz a whirl since there is a no obligation FREE TRIAL.

C. Polton

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Homeschool Mom

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