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Features that become Benefits


Most people become aware that the features of any product or service are of no value unless they translate into benefit for their lives. For example, having Air Conditioning in your vehicle is a feature.  The benefit would be enjoying a long ride in your vehicle across the United States in the middle of 90-degree temperatures and high humidity in agreat climate controlled comfort.

However, that same vehicle can also have the feature of a cassette tape deck in it, but since no one uses cassette tapes anymore, there is no benefit. As with anything, people incorporate into their lives what benefits them (emotional choice) and later justify with telling everyone about the features (their logical choice).

So it is with SpellQuiz and your child. We have packed our system with features that we know will help your student, we can describe to you the benefit, but only you can conclude the benefit. That is why we give you a short free trial, and that is why we are keeping our pricing so that you can receive back at least ten times in value for you and your students’ lives.



SpellQuiz phonetics learning brings robust and rich content for your Students Learning Pleasure


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Building the next skills -Listening – Audio recognition. Our system is enhanced with audio pronunciation of English

Your student not only builds listening skills by default, they will learn to properly pronounce the words of the English language resulting in more confident communication skills

Building the next skills -Spelling – Correct spelling of the English words based on phonics. This means your student will be able to spell new words as they come across them.


Correct spelling of the English language benefits your student as they progress through school and through life. We live in an information age, and knowing the correct English spelling is paramount to effective communication!

Building the next skills –Typing – Our method requires the student to use the keyboard which enables them to improve on the skill of full keyboard typing.

Knowing how to correctly, efficiently and effectively use a qwerty keyboard in typing will be professionally beneficial, not only as the student progresses through school and college, but is almost a daily demand in our information age. 

Building the next skills –Vocabulary – A key part of our phonics based system is increased vocabulary. Having an expanded grasp of the many and varied words of the English language will certainly be improved upon as the student progresses.

The ability to express ones thoughts in both personal and public venues is contingent upon a large vocabulary immediately at one’s command. Can you imagine how beneficial it will be when one is able to communicate to just about anyone at any time, no matter what? Think about that!



Progress monitoring -Scores for Spelling– Part of our reports is the scores for spelling. This is a tool to help understand the level of expertise that your student is mastering.


It is always beneficial to know your progress. Getting scores in your ability to spell correctly shows you from where the student started to where they are now. It truly is a beneficial progress report.

Progress monitoring - Practices and Quizzes – As your student is taking the practices and quizzes you will see the progress even on these. There will be no question as to whether your student is consistently using the system.

A real tangible report that shows your student is actually using the system, making progress and where there is a need for improvement. The benefit here is there is not guess work. You will know exactly to the progress.

Progress monitoring - Knowing the number of mastered (learned) words – This is important, because you will be shown the number of words mastered. This is something that most generations of students did not have an exact number on how many words they actually know.  However, you will!

How would you and your student feel to know the number of words they mastered, not only in spelling, but in meaning and usage? I think that would feel great about this as they progress through the system.

Progress monitoring - Knowing the number of misspelled words – which words needs practice– Working on only the areas that need work!

What a great feeling knowing that you will be working on the area you need work on, not that which you already mastered. This progress will show that.

Progress monitoring - capturing the real data of student’s knowledge of English vocabulary – No more guesswork!

All of the main data points are there for you to get a full understanding of exactly where your student progress in spelling, mastery of English, vocabulary and usage. This in itself will continue to expand the confidence of your student moving forward.



Reporting - Parent’s email subscription – Reports sent directly to your inbox per your request.

We all live busy lives. Getting a welcome email from a service you want to be kept informed of automatically will help you manage the already time constraints that we all have to deal with. We make it easy for you to know what is going on. Parents know their children best. When they have the benefit of monitoring the progress, it is simply a tool that parents can apply to work with their student. 

No more as a source of anxiety, but rather as a waypoint to encourage and instruct the student.


Reporting - The time spent on practices, topics captured, mastered words and misspelled words number – This is real time spent in each area not just log-in log-out time.

How beneficial is it to know that your student is actually spending time working on mastering each area, not just knowing they logged in or logged off. It is real time on the areas that need the attention.



System - Self-paced learning: - fun for kids and adults – We understand that every student learns differently and best at their own pace. We accommodate that.

You student is no longer frustrated with learning English. They are learning in the best way possible, pace and terms to fit their learning style.

The benefit is a happier student.

System - Dictation and content management – Correct pronunciation and management of the content your student is working through in this learning environment.

The Benefit here is multiple. It is interactive with the student, it is audio and visual for the student, and it stores and scores so you and your student

System - Self-directing system – students practice more on the words that need practice (misspelled words that need to be focused on)

The benefit of knowing the system keeps track of everything so you do not have to!  Very Cool!

System - Kids and Adults Learning – words adapted by age group

As a lifetime learner, the benefit of both students and adults increasing their spelling and vocabulary in tandem with each other is very rewarding. Having the increased ability to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life is a huge benefit!

System - Growing number of words – adding new words databases in the future – English is a dynamic language. As people and technology changes, so do the way words are used and new words that are becoming part of our language.

Confidence in any situation.  Your student will not only have the increased vocabulary stored on the system, it will be stored in their minds. They will be able to recall this and apply it when interacting with people from all levels and walks of society. It will be knowledge applied.

System - Adding several kids for practices using one parent account – We accommodate families with more than one child.

We trust you will feel this is important as you as parents are trying to help all the students in your family as economically as possible.

There are many more features that we believe will turn into benefits for you and your family. As we increase our word bank from 15,000 and more, we are also adding industry and career specific words in a variety of disciplines. The benefits here will be obvious as your student progresses through primary and secondary education.

In addition, we welcome you to tell us even more benefits that you have received by way of referrals and testimonials. It will serve to make out system even better and stronger for you.

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