A Hot Potato

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  • any subject which several folks are talking about and which is frequently argued
  • something that is hard or terrible to handle
  • a ​problem or ​situation that is ​difficult to ​deal with and ​causes a lot of ​disagreement
  • an issue or question about which people have different opinions and feel very strongly
  • a controversial situation that is awkward to deal with
  • a delicate or contentious matter which many people do not want to talk about

Example Sentences

  • The issue of gun control is a political hot potato in the United States.
  • The legality of abortion is a hot potato in many countries around the world.
  • I never discuss about anyone`s religion, it can be a hot potato.
  • The party members are not speaking on this topic as it is a political hot potato.
  • The government`s decision to curb benefits to some sections of society is like a hot potato.


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