18 Most Resourceful Educational Websites [+5 Bonus Surprises!]

22 May 2021

Does your child have her eyes glued to the phone or laptop screens? It’s one of the most common issues that modern parents are facing. What could you even do? She can’t help but dance with — Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo …

Rather than panicking and taking drastic measures, you could use this habit of her to teach them interesting things and promote curiosity. You must understand one thing — everything is modernizing and using electronic devices for education is the way forward.

Today, we’d talk about some of the best online resources and educational websites. You should take note of these websites and use the appropriate ones for your child’s education.   

As the list of education websites is quite long, we’ve divided the list into categories. This should help you find the best educational websites with ease.


Personalized Learning Oriented Educational Websites (Offers Complete Solutions)

The first category of websites serves as jack of all trades! Here, you can find courses and lessons on — math, science, economics, arts, language skills, and even life skills. These websites prefer calling them personalized learning-focused websites.


Khan Academy

Website Link: https://www.khanacademy.org/

Grade Level: PreK - 12

Cost: Free

Khan Academy is surely one of the finest educational websites out there. It is also one of the most renowned websites out there. The main reason behind the popularity is the vision and goal of the organization.

Salman Khan, the visionary behind this website, started small with simple tutorial videos in 2008. In fact, this hedge fund analyst with degrees from MIT and Harvard, started shooting videos to help his cousin Nadia with math. Very soon, he became “the math teacher” of the world.

Now, you can find personalized courses on hundreds of topics in Khan Academy. The lessons are divided into two sections — learn and practice. Kids can learn things through beautifully animated videos and then track their progress through practice sessions.

The quality of the videos is the best feature of Khan Academy — very few websites have the concepts so clearly explained.

Another strong feature of Khan Academy is that the website is free as they live by the motto — free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere.



Website Link: https://www.ixl.com

Grade Level: PreK - 12

Cost: $19.95/month (for families) for four core subjects

IXL is another big name among the online education platforms. Also, IXL is one of the oldest EdTech platforms.

IXL mainly covers five learning areas — math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish. The platform has designed different curriculum suitable for different grade levels. For example, their first-grade curriculum teaches kids simple addition and subtraction. Then, their eighth-grade curriculum teaches plotting graphs from equations.

These curriculums are designed by veteran educators and teachers from the USA. Also, these education standards precisely meet the demands of States education standards.

So, you can use IXL as an additional tool for the students to ace the exams. However, the many parents think that IXL to be quite expensive. Still, IXL is one of the great websites for kids.



Website Link: https://www.brainpop.com/

Grade Level: PreK - 12

Cost: $19.95/month (for families) for BrainPOP Combo

BrainPOP takes more interactive approach for teaching different subjects. On the fundamental level, BrainPOP works in the similar fashion as IXL. But rather than focusing on the text-based lessons, BrainPOP uses videos for better learning experience.

Also, BrainPOP takes step further by combining multiple approaches of learning in every lesson. For examples, one can — learn through movies, participate in quiz or a challenge, read more on related topics, practice the vocabulary used in the lesson, and many more.  

Such a comprehensive approach makes BrainPOP better than many other platforms.

However, BrainPOP doesn’t indicate grade-levels associated with the lessons. So, a child will definitely need an adult’s support. Again, just like IXL, the cost could be an issue for many users.



Website Link: https://www.mobymax.com/

Grade Level: PreK - 8

Cost: $7.99/month (for families)

MobyMax proposes an alternate solution compared to IXL and BrainPOP. Rather than focusing teaching the core subjects and lessons, MobyMax heavily focus on differentiated learning to close gaps.

What does it mean?

It means students can take “extra” lessons here to according to their own pace. Mainly, it’s another form of adaptive learning. To incorporate this technique, MobyMax first asks the participants to take an initial assessment test. After the one-hour-long assessment, the algorithm assigns a learning path to the participants.

Despite being a newer educational platform, MobyMax has managed to grab eyes of millions and have own over 155 awards.

Moreover, MobyMax takes a robust approach with broader subject areas — it covers 27 subjects. The best part is the pricing which starts at $7.99 per month for the families.



Website Link: https://www.education.com/

Grade Level: PreK - 7

Cost: $15.99/month (for families)

As you’re looking educational websites, being interested on Education.com certainly makes sense. Education.com is a sub-brand of IXL Learning. But rather than following the same footstep, Education.com heavily uses activities and visual aids for teaching.

Plus, Education.com has a rich collection of — worksheets, games, lessons plans, activities, workbooks, songs, and stories.

Overall, Education.com is more interactive and takes the modern approach for teaching young kids.


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Digital Libraries

Project Gutenberg

Website Link: https://www.gutenberg.org/

Grade Level: N/A

Cost: free

Books was and always will be the best resource for learning. As we’re talking about books and online libraries, Project Gutenberg’s name is sure to come.

Project Gutenberg is non-profit effort that has a massive collection of 60,000 eBooks that are completely free. You can either download or read online from any device. This website is as simple as it gets!

You might be wondering about the copyright issue, right?

Project Gutenberg only has the books for which the U.S. copyright has expired or the publisher has given rights to use the books for non-profit purposes.  



Website Link: https://www.readingiq.com/

Age Level: 2 -12 years

Cost: $7.99/month

If you’ve visited Project Gutenberg’s website, you might be a bit disappointed now! Despite having large collection, Project Gutenberg doesn’t have much to offer to the kids.

If you’re looking for comics or colorful children’s books, ReadingIQ should be the place to go. This platform has a vast collection of 7,000 books all catering towards the needs of children.

After all, a five-year-old will love reading 101 Dalmatians and Toy Story more than Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

However, this platform is not free and you’ll have to buy a subscription to have access to the library.


Educational Games and Activities

PBS Kids

Website Link: https://pbskids.org/

Age Level: 3 -10 years

Cost: free

Kids love to watch funny cartoon videos or play games, right? In that case, you should consider paying visit to PBS Kids. Here, you can find tons of educational videos and learning games.

The design of website is very minimalistic so that children can browse on their own and play their favorite games. The games are quite easy and designed to help the kids learn different concepts with fun.



Website Link: https://www.abcmouse.com/

Age Level: 2-8

Cost: $9.95/month (for family)

ABCMouse is an extremely resourceful PreK centric learning platform. This platfrom boasts of over 10,000 learning activities and 850 compact lessons. The learning path and leveled learning are the two pillars of ABCMouse.

You can check out the detailed ABCMouse review from here.



Website Link: https://www.abcya.com/

Grade Level: PreK – 6+

Cost: free or $5.83/month (for family)

If you’re specifically looking for kids games, ABCYa is the one of the best kids websites. ABCYa is a special website from ABCMouse that specializes in various games focusing on math, logical analysis, science, and others.

While ABCMouse is targeted for educational activities, ABCYa is only about games and having fun. You can also use ABCYa for free if the ads don’t bother you.


Curious World

Website Link: https://www.curiousworld.com/

Age Level: 2-7

Cost: $7.99/month (for family)

Curious World is a personalized learning app that promotes curiosity among the PreK children. The strongest features of Curious World is the high-quality animations and quality of the games and videos. Plus, kids can read different stories too.

The downside of this app is that there is no app available for Android devices. You must own an Apple device to us the app.



Website Link: http://www.agnitus.com/

Grade Level: PreK - 3

Cost: $6.99/month or $129.99 lifetime access

Agnitus is another award-winning kids’ educational platform that offers a 1,000+ games and learning activities on math and literacy skills. The animation quality top-notch and follows the modern design philosophy.

On top of everything, parents can track progress quite easily with its robust tracking tools.

However, this app can’t meet the needs of older kids.  




Website Link: https://ed.ted.com/

Grade Level: Elementary to University

Cost: free

TED-ED is on mission to spread knowledge and provoke curiosity. Its true that TED-ED doesn’t help the children learning the different subjects, like — math or science. However, this is the best platform for learning the core human philosophy and thought-provoking concepts.

For example, kids can learn about what is depression, psychology of narcissism, or the science of laziness.  

TED-ED will help your child become curious about the world and have a positive approach towards life.



Website Link: https://www.exploratorium.edu/

Grade Level: 5 - 12

Cost: free

Exploratorium is one of the leaders that thrive on motivating kids with scientific experiments. It has a massive collection of over 35,000 experiments and projects that kids will love to take part in.

Such initiative is extremely helpful to encourage the kids on STEM studies.


NASA Kids Club

Website Link: https://www.nasa.gov/kidsclub/index.html

Grade Level: PreK - 4

Cost: free

We’re all familiar with the reputation of NASA. Almost every child dreams of becoming an adventurer — exploring the world and unknown planets, and maybe even meeting an alien!

NASA Kids Club aims to educate and motivate the children from all over globe regarding STEM studies. The platform is especially great for educating the kids about space and how universe works. Considering the influence and materials, NASA Kids Club is one of the best educational websites for elementary students.


Language and Arts

ABC Reading Eggs

Website Link: https://readingeggs.com.au/

Age Level: 3 -7

Cost: $10.81/month (AU $13.99/month)

ABC Reading Eggs is one of the strongest educational websites focused teaching kids how to read. Kids almost always struggle when they are just learning to read.  

ABC Reading Eggs uses games, songs and activities that support the children with reading. Plus, it has a huge collection of over 2500 eBooks and 500 worksheets.



Website Link: https://www.farfaria.com/

Age Level: 3+

Cost: $4.99/month

FarFaria is one of the most unique educational websites. This website has over 1,000 books and stories that kids love to read. FarFaria uses beautiful illustrations so that kids enjoy their reading time.

Also, kids can use the Read to Me feature where veteran narrators will read the story to them.  



Website Link: https://spellquiz.com/

Grade Level: 1 - 12

Cost: Free, Paid — $12.95/month or $119.95/year (for parents), $15.95/month or $149.95/year (for teachers with 2 licenses), $29.95/month or $299.00/year (for teachers with 25 licenses)

SpellQuiz is one of the strongest educational websites that focus on English spelling and vocabulary. Apart from having the most powerful vocabulary assessment tool and most comprehensive spelling practice tools, kids can also prepare for the Spelling Bee.

Plus, kids can participate in Spelling Bee Online — the real-time virtual spelling competition that is completely free.

Moreover, you can teach idioms with examples, fun quizzes, and help the children with a wide collection of spelling words.


Bonus – Best YouTube Educational Channels

  • Veritasium — Teaches topics on physics and applied science.
  • Mark Rober — Former NASA and Apple engineer, teaching interesting engineering topics to kids.
  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell — Has a large collection of educational animation videos.
  • Minute Physics — Teaches difference facts and concepts of physics with minute-long videos.
  • Crash Course — Another great channel that explains different educational concepts with wonderful animations.

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