The Perfect List of 1st Grade Spelling Words

18 May 2019

First grade is a vital time for children to learn and grow. To aid your children in this journey, we have come up with a series of spelling exercises to make learning English words fun and easy. This page includes 1st grade spelling words which have been used in our spelling exercises on SpellQuiz.

Help your children increase their vocabulary words count by practicing on SpellQuiz for first grade. 

Alternatively, you may use the spelling lists from our website to create a list of your own home spelling words or using dictionary words, all for free.

Practice with your children every week as much you please to improve their skills and customize the tests according to your child’s needs. Spelling quizzes are great ways to teach your kids spelling. Now you can take part in online Spelling Bee too! Check out the SBO section on Spellquiz today!

Also, try this vocabulary tester to understand your current skill level!

Encourage your child to practice on a regular basis and help them achieve brilliant scores in school, building the foundations for a brighter future.

1st Grade Spelling Words

It would also help them with the ultimate competition called Spelling Bee. This guide will help you get started with it.

Do you want your child to study spelling words for first grade with ease and fun? Try our 1st-grade spelling lessons on SpellQuiz! 

You can also check our Video Tutorial on how to practice spelling words on SpellQuiz. 

And below is the list of 250 spelling words for first grade: 

List 1: 1 - 50 1st Grade Spelling Words

Wig Come  Pet Be Sat
Brick Sack You Find About
Soak Dry Snow Rut Tree
To Run Been Cap Hit
Number Note Wet Play Mug
This  Code Of It Mat
Must They Pan Race Cat
Words Soap That Oil Ink
Note May  So Her Wet
Mob Name Shy My Will

List 2: 51-100 1st Grade Spelling Words

Day Must Lip Bun Not
Page For First Roof His
She Tan Part Hut Lot
Or Cup Coat Can Well
Load Bit Sled Would Mat
Sky Skin Clock Go Bat
Back Tray Town Moon Kick
On Hot Two Were Snack
At Other Fun Shell Could
Show Bat More Into Now

List 3: 101 - 150 1st Grade Spelling Words

Legs Stop Spin Out  Shut
Snake Trip Called Pin Use
Dog Stuck He Way Up
Thin Cob Tame One Pool
Block Thing Your Try Get
Pop With Nap Tell Nut
Long Cut Fox Each Win
Grow Man Sun Said Who
Had Black These Water Set
No Plow Took Him Ten

List 4: 151 - 200 1st Grade Spelling Words

Some Made And Time Big
Map Truck Bad Cow Sob
Bug Red Nose By Make
Drop Hole Wood Look Are
Clay Float All Which Spoon
Do Then Down But Like
Fled Pot Has How Mom
Flow Dig Bone Have Fell
Job Pen We People Stick
Hook Mop Sock Shop From

List 5: 201 - 250 1st Grade Spelling Words

Luck Sell Was Cry Sit
There Pig Is Pit Bed
What Boat Many Kid Ant
Write As Pay Tape An
Bat Duck Game In Fit
Less Glad Hop Chop Rug
When Tuck Sick Bell Hen
Time Hug Tooth Rock Too
Low Run Ship Stay Tool
Them Bow Hat Let Tap



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