3 Educational Platforms to Keep Kids Busy During Coronavirus Quarantine

20 March 2020

Right now, we are passing through a dire time – the Covid-19 pandemic. The sinister disease has spread across 164 countries already. Cities are under lockdown, schools have shut off, and offices are closed – it’s a chaotic mess.

So, what should we do? Should we stop fighting back?


Just because the schools are closed, it doesn’t mean kids can’t participate in educating themselves. It’s time we used the power of online education!

So, let’s check out some of the online educational platforms that will keep your children busy during this humdrum of coronavirus quarantine.


Build Your Vocabulary with SpellQuiz

Building a strong vocabulary doesn’t happen overnight. The whole process is tough and very time-consuming.

However, with determination and time, everyone can have a rich and vast vocabulary. As your kids are now spending time in home all day, they can utilize this time to sharpen their vocabulary efficiently.

SpellQuiz follows a very straightforward and sequential step-by-step strategy.

For example, you don’t need to play the guessing game finding the correct stage of your kids’ current vocabulary collection.

You can rely on the vocabulary testing tool of SpellQuiz. Within ten minutes, the test assigns your kids to any grade level. Moreover, you will get an estimation of your kids’ current word collection.

spelling training

Well, that was just the beginning!

You can explore the vast collection of spelling lessons that are designed for students from grade one to grade twelve and even for adults.

spelling training

I know that kids are more likely to enjoy playing games than learning spelling lessons. In that case, your kids can play online Spelling Bee game with players from all over the world in real-time.

The leaderboard might make your kids intrigued by playing the SBO game. In this Spelling Bee Online (SBO) game, you will get 15 seconds to spell a word correctly. The first few words will be very simple, but as you go on, you will start to get more complicated spelling challenges. You can make a maximum ten mistakes. Moreover, you will get a level batch.

spelling training

spelling training

So, everything will get very challenging while your kids play SBO.

Give it a shot – your kids can learn a lot while having fun while the schools are closed.


IXL – Making Math Simpler

Kids tend to hate math; well, most of them!

IXL can make a change. It can eradicate the fear of math among the kids.

In IXL, you can get simple math lessons for your kindergarteners, and for your twelfth graders who are struggling with advanced calculus.


They can help your kids enhance 4522 different math skills!

So, how do they do it?

While learning a lesson, a participant will see a problem, and he or she has to find the correct solution to that problem. There are options as well. Upon entering a skill challenge, a timer will start.

They test a participant based on four parameters –

  • Whether the participant chooses the right answer or not
  • How much time it takes for the participant to find the correct answer
  • Number of correct answers
  • A SmartScore


If someone fails, he or she can learn about the problem with examples.

IXL is a modern math teacher who is there to help!


BrainPOP – The Perfect Mix of Science and Social Studies

BrainPOP is a popular destination among kids and parents today. They follow a motto to make any room a classroom!


With BrainPOP, a student can learn many things –

  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • English
  • Math
  • Art and Music
  • Health and SEL
  • Engineering and Tech

However, they are more famous for their science and social studies lessons.

There are fifteen different categories, only in the science section. Moreover, each of these categories is again divided into more parts.

For example, they have fifty-three topics only in the “Earth System” section! They teach every topic with videos, quizzes, related reading materials, worksheets, and graphic organizers.


For some lessons, there are even separate games too!

When it comes to teaching different topics of science, BrainPOP is the ultimate destination.

Just like the science section, they have an abundance of topics to teach in the social studies section too. For example, they have twenty-four lessons on the “Ancient Cultures” section.


You kids will surely love learning with such vivid graphical lessons.


Final Thoughts

Coronavirus is posing dangerous threats to the mankind. It’s only better for everyone to stay at home and be self-quarantined. But you kids shouldn’t stay away from learning.

Learning is fun, and there are so many great education platforms available today. There is no need to feel frustrated, make the most of the current situation.

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