Top 10 Reasons Today's Students Need Technology In The Classroom!

15 May 2019
Raul H. Powell

We aren’t exaggerating at all when admitting that technology has become an inseparable part of our daily lives. We cannot (or don't want to!) escape from it, no matter how desperate we are. Technology has affected how we live, work, play, communicate, network, and most importantly how we learn. So, why are we being too afraid to add more convenient technology in the classroom?

Without a doubt, smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices increasingly being used for better productivity and communication purposes.  Slowly but gradually, schools across the world are also effectively deploying mobile technology for delivering lessons.

It's quite normal for the parents being skeptical as they think it would cause more procrastination among the students. The truth is - they are not entirely wrong! However, the 'proper' implementation can change the scenario. 

Main Issues with Implementation of Technology In the School

However, it appears that many schools aren’t fully onboard with the idea of implementing the latest technology for education. Also, technology can’t be fully implemented for home tuition.

Main reasons for the reluctance of using technology in the classroom include - 

  • Many educators think using certain mobile devices in the classes is more of a burden than a strategic learning tool.
  • Most schools don’t have capable Wi-Fi/wireless networks to properly support the technology.

technology in the classroom

Both of these concerns are easy to address, otherwise, it will be a huge loss for everyone involved in education, especially the students.

Nonetheless, below, we have compiled ten reasons for the benefits of using technology in the classroom. 

Let’s get started!

10 Reasons Why Students Need Technology in the Classroom

1.  Getting Ready for the Future

Technology has changed how we work today. It's only normal that we would use technology even more in the coming years.

It would be a great strategy if today's students learn and try adapting the situations. Being comfortable with gadgets and techs will surely pave the way. 

2.  Better Teacher-Student Relationship

Every student has a unique learning style. Some are slow and some are fast. Not every finger in the hand is equal. Integrating technology into the classroom, if used effectively, will help teachers to connect with their students. You can find terrific tutors online too.

Teachers can try different learning approaches and techniques. It can even create a personalized learning environment in schools.

3.  An Effective Learning Environment

Collaboration and interaction are two key pillars of an effective learning environment in the classroom. The more a student interacts with his/her teachers, the more they can learn.

technology in the classroom

Using technology (think of instant messengers like WhatsApp or Viber) in the classroom gives the students a better option to communicate with their teachers. It develops a better learning ecosystem in the schools.

4.  Learning Digital Responsibility

Technology can be compared to a double-edged sword. It is the main reason why the policymakers are afraid of implementation of technology in the classroom.

Using mobile devices is one thing; knowing how to use them for education purposes correctly and responsibly is entirely a different thing. If the students are taught how to use the technology by teachers, they could educate them better. It would create a better sense of right and wrong among the kids.

5.  Closing the Gap Between Students and Studies

Almost not a single child feel excited when they hear the word "Study!" Students don't believe that studying can be a fun activity. A lot of students even feel forced!

Keeping the students engaged in studies in the era of smartphones and the internet is probably one of the biggest challenges facing today’s teachers. Integrating technology in the classroom will help students to stay engaged.

technology in the classroom

Studies revealed that the students were more productive when mobile devices like smartphones and tablets were used as learning tools.

So, it only makes sense that teachers should use technology in the classroom to increase student engagement. Because that’s what today’s students want and use for learning.

6.  Creating New Opportunities

We already mentioned using technology to increase student engagement, but that’s not sufficient. Educators need to enhance their students learning experiences and create new opportunities.

One great way to do that is by combining newer technological innovations like VR (virtual reality) with traditional classroom lessons.

7. The Key to Success - Staying Updated!

Let’s be honest, the information in textbooks isn’t up to date. Using mobile technology in classes will enable students to access up-to-date information about their subject areas quicker and easier.

Otherwise, the students will lag behind. Furthermore, the ones who can adapt to the changing scenario can have a better future. 

8.  Teachers Playing More Important Roles

This one is a no-brainer—the traditional system of teaching no longer work like it used to. The old teaching model is passive and broken. The teacher has to perform multiple roles such as a coach, an encourager, and an adviser.

Yes, we need the teachers to be the new Superhero! And, better technology in the classroom may help a teacher to be one.

9.  Growing as Better Individuals

It may sound a little far-fetched to some teachers. But technology helps students to become more responsible individuals.  Using the school’s devices or using their own devices for education makes students improve their decision-making skills.

Taking ownership of often expensive devices and using them correctly and properly makes them more responsible.

10. More Creativity

Using technology in education increases future career opportunities for students. Students can learn anything. from learning technical skills like programming to humane skills like leadership.

Of course, the technology harnesses the students’ ability to be more connected and be more creative.

Final Thoughts

We think you are now well aware of how technology can be the biggest player in education. It increases the overall engagement, productivity, and creativity of a student. Besides, it would prepare them for future career opportunities at the same time. 

If the teachers and educators still debate about introducing technology in the classroom, it’s unfortunate!

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