Top 6 Facebook English Tutors You Can Find Online!

19 May 2019

The purpose of this post is to present the information on the most influential and active Facebook English tutors.

Facebook has tons of groups and pages dedicated for learning English, but it is tough to search in Facebook and find those, who provide really exceptional services, dedicated to the knowledge transfer and being consistent in the way they present the information.

We made extensive research on Facebook, found pages with millions of likes on them, but no human face behind the big brands. We’re sure that they are doing a good job, but our interest was mostly about real people driven by real personas.

In the current article you will find the information about the most active and influential English tutors on Facebook, but if by any chance we missed you, a talented, English tutor who currently is active on Facebook, please let us know and we will be happy to add you into the list as well.

Facebook has a vast database, but it is also famous for poor search engine incorporated into it.

You can't easily get comprehensive information by typing the search within a website; Google does a much better job.

So down below is what we did - we approached the most influential and famous Facebook English tutors and let them introduce themselves.

We did not touch the English tutors' language and allow them to present as natural as you will see below.

Top 6 Facebook English Tutors Who Can help You Shine!

1. Iryna's English Page

Facebook Page: Iryna's English Page

Country: UK

Followers: 121,000

Iryna's English Page facebook english tutors


Hello, Everyone! My name is Iryna and I am a founder of “Iryna’s English Page” on Facebook. When I was a language student in the early 2000s, all our learning resources were very dry and dull.

Quite often we had to memorize everything by heart and spend long hours writing notes. It was definitely not an enjoyable time and it’s certainly not a learning experience I want to give my learners.

Language learning has significantly improved since then and there are so many useful resources available online. Creating Iryna’s English Page my mission was to help people from the disadvantaged parts of the world where there is still a struggle for learning.

I create bright and colorful posts and cover only one topic a day but in great detail. Apart from that, I also record short educational videos and arrange occasional live chats.

I strongly believe that language learning should be enjoyable and fun and I hope this is exactly what my learners receive improving their language skills with Iryna’s English Page.

2. English with Adriana by Adriana Luki?

Facebook Page: English with Adriana

Country: Croatia and Australia 

Followers: 110,000

English with Adriana Facebook English tutors


Hi, I'm Adriana a native English Speaker and Online English Teacher from Melbourne Australia. On my Facebook Page English with Adriana, I share sample lessons and hold live lessons improving my students level of English to help them to think faster in English, and most importantly speak in English.

My strategies are all done incorporating immersion, providing online lessons and online communities to my students, to surround them as much as possible with the English language, ultimately helping them to improve their confidence speaking in English.

If you are an intermediate to an advanced English learner, and you would like more structure and guidance from me, join my online course.

3. SpellQuiz

Facebook Page: SpellQuiz - Learn English - Spelling Test and Listening Practice

Country: Canada

Followers: 10,400

SpellQuiz English tutor Facebook 2018


Hi! I am Nazrin, and I am an eighth-grade student at a school in Calgary.

A couple of years ago my brother and I were behind in our spelling and listening comprehension, and my father created an online spelling test website - SpellQuiz by the help of experienced teachers from North America, both Canada and the USA.

Since the launch of the application in March of 2017 I have practiced more than 9500 words and bolstered my vocabulary. Moreover, I gained confidence not only in spelling and listening comprehension, but also tremendously improved my typing skills.

My father firmly believes that if you can learn by having fun, it will make the process of education more comfortable, pleasant and will provide long-term benefits. He further believes that teaching others also helps to comprehend the topic itself better. Try this vocabulary tester to understand your current skill level!

This is how my brothers and I started the SpellQuiz project on Facebook  - creating funny videos and trying to teach other students by enjoying what we are doing. The young kids can learn about the common sight words from SpellQuiz too!

If you wish to follow the way how we learn and practice English, start here! Now you can take part in online Spelling Bee too! Check out the SBO section on Spellquiz today! Moreover, try these spelling tests to master English spelling!

If you like more the fun side of our page, you can always subscribe to our YouTube page to watch the latest SpellQuiz videos.

4. Interactive English by Wes & Ioana

Facebook Page: Interactive English

Country: USA/Hungary

Followers: 74,000

Interactive English Facebook Page


Hi! We are Wes & Ioana from Interactive English. We're from the United States (California), but we currently reside in Budapest, Hungary. We both love teaching, languages, and learning about different cultures. Therefore, teaching English to learners from all over the world was a perfect fit.

The Interactive English Facebook page helps learners practice and improve their English skills. We share fun video lessons to help learners understand a variety of topics ranging from grammar to pronunciation to idioms.

We also post visual aids and ask questions to help those in our community practice their skills.

Our goal is to make our Facebook page as interactive as possible. We love it when learners engage with our videos and answer our questions. This helps us create an active online learning environment.

We're on numerous social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. For videos, as well as weekly live-lessons, learners can check out our YouTube channel.

In the near future, we plan to launch a website with online courses, ebooks, and much more. Stay tuned!

5. JForrstEnglish by Jennifer

Facebook Page: JForrestEnglish

Country:  Canada

Followers: 31,800

JForrest English Facebook Page


Hi, I’m Jennifer, a certified English Teacher and Communications Expert with over 10 years of experience helping busy professionals communicate their message fluently, confidently, and easily.

I started my Facebook page because I noticed that all of my students, even my advanced students, couldn’t understand me when I used “real” expressions (ex/ how’s it going). They could only understand me when I used “textbook” expressions (ex/ how are you).

Plus, my advanced students sounded awkward because the way they talked wasn’t natural. For example, all my students say “I arrived home at 6:00”. But that’s not what an English speaker would say. We would say “I got home at 6:00”.

So I created my Facebook Page to expose my students to real English, to improve their listening skills of fast-paced English and to teach natural expressions and pronunciation.

I recently launched a Facebook Group, Business English for Professionals, for Intermediate and Advanced students learning English for professional reasons.

I created the JForrest Online English Academy to help busy professionals speak English confidently in only 90 days so they can communicate their ideas without fear of being misunderstood.

Each week in the Academy, students get a self-study video lesson, Facebook live lesson, and a speaking challenge.

Each week members learn must-know expressions, correct pronunciation, and grammar in a natural context, and public speaking skills. The Academy takes students from frustrated English learners to confident English speakers. Learn more about the Academy here: JForrestEnglish.  

6. Jacob Teacher by Jacob

Facebook Page: Jacob Teacher

Country: Canada

Followers: 30,700

jacob teacher facebook english tutors


Hey there! My name is Jacob. I’m an online English teacher based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. After teaching English to elementary students for two years while living abroad in Korea, I decided that teaching was the career for me.

Presently, I help adult English language learners step outside of their comfort zones in order to reach a higher level of confidence and fluency. I try to get my students to engage emotionally with the lessons I teach.

Furthermore, together we study and analyze English songs, YouTube videos, films, and a whole lot more! Moreover, My lessons challenge people to think and tell stories about their own lives in English. In addition to my Facebook page, I also release weekly podcast episodes for The Jacob Teacher Podcast and run an online membership community called Jacob's English Club.

If you want to study native English materials and take giant steps towards feeling more confident as an English speaker, join Jacob's English Club!

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