DIY Projects to Get Your Kids Outdoors

12 May 2019
Samira Tasneem

Are you constantly worried about your kids being indoors too much? Well, not all kids enjoy the outdoors like everyone else. So, why is it? Maybe, they are not having the fun or yet to be introduced to the fun outdoorsy activities. Well, this summer you can work on DIY projects with your kids. This will enhance your bonding and help your child to enjoy things more.

We know that we are an educational blog mostly related to spelling, but education and learning has a strong connection with fun activities. Different games can help them in their cognitive development and balanced emotional intelligence development. Moreover, your kids can learn a lot more with different DIY projects too. 

Not only that but also he or she will be more familiar with making things or doing experiments. Such good practice will give a positive boost for the upcoming science projects he or she will be given as school projects. 

Today, we have some great DIY projects for kids that you can enjoy together. So, let’s start, shall we?

1. DIY Projects on Kite Making

We are pretty sure that you have quite some fun in your childhood days with kite flying. While the smartphones are being the best friend and only gaming device kids these days have, we think it is vitally important for the kids to take part in the genuine activity-based fun sessions.

You can be certain about one thing – kids will love the colorful kites. As you are making a kite, you will have an immense amount of fun. When you are flying it after crafting, it would be even more fun.

Kites can be of any kind of shape as long as the aerodynamics of the design is okay. The easiest option would be to choose a diamond-shaped kite, but we urge you to be more creative and come up with more intriguing designs. For example, the shape can be of fish, a bird, an airplane, different animals.

You can get inspiration from the world-famous Japanese kite festivals. They have the most beautiful kite festival in the world. However, those could be a little too difficult for you and your child. All we are saying is to take inspiration only.

DIY Projects for Kids

When you are making a kite, you need to make a skeleton from thin sticks. If you can find some bamboo sticks, it would be perfect. Some stores even have the pre-made kite skeleton structure. Then you will have to use some paper glue and thin paper to develop the structure. Finally, you will have to give the finishing touch by coloring it.

And, you are all set from flying. Now, you will have to pick a fine windy afternoon and start flying. The glow of achievement and joy in your kid’s face will be nothing short of one of the happiest moments in your life.

2. DIY Projects on Sponge and Duct Tape Boats for Your Outdoor Pool

Kids just love being in a pool in the summer. Well, who doesn’t? So, this summer, you can make some boats to give your pool a more fun look.

But how can you do DIY projects on boats?

It’s quite simple. All you need is – some sponges, duct tapes, some popsicle sticks, and super glue (if you want to make them super strong!).

You will start by cutting the sponges in boat-like shapes. The sponge would be the base of the boats. Then, you will work on the sail part. Use the duct tapes (preferably colorful ones) to make sails and stick it the popsicle stick. Now, you will have to insert the popsicle sticks in the sponges. Finally, you can give it additional strength by using super glue to the base and the popsicle joint.

DIY Projects for Kids

Voila, your boats are ready to sail. It is really a simple DIY project, yet you will have so much fun doing it with your kids.

3. Summer Snowball Fight Sessions

Yes, you have read it right, we are going to tell you about making DIY summer snowballs. Kids just cannot get enough of the snowball fight in the winter. Well, admit it when the sun is burning the world in the summer a snowball fight session could one of the most thing you can do.

Making the snowballs is ridiculously easy. You will need only two things – corn starch and shaving foam. So, what will have to do is to mix the corn starch and the shaving foam together until it has a snow-like consistency.

DIY Projects for Kids

That's it, you and your child are ready to have some snowball fight in the summer! Such a session in your backyard would be a great thing too. Very few indoor games can beat the summer snow-ball mania!

4. Let’s Make a Sprinkler

As the sun is brightest during the peak summer time, you might be thinking of buying a garden sprinkler. We have a better idea. Why don’t you make a sprinkler with a little bit of smartness and some recycling?

We are quite kids love making such small things and seeing things at the action. So, how do you make one?

You need a water pipe, a plastic bottle, a sharp metal object. Heat up the sharp metal object (i.e., an icepick or a screwdriver) and use it to make small holes in the plastic bottle. Be creative about the pattern of the holes.

DIY Projects for Kids

Once you are finished with it, attach the bottle with the water pipe. You are all set to go – you have a DIY sprinkler.

5. DIY Bird Feeders

No matter what, the birds are the life of a yard or a garden. They just make the place livelier and more natural. So, why don’t you make some bird feeders this summer?

Kids tend t love animals and birds. So, we are pretty sure your kids will love it too. There are plenty of ways you can make a bird feeder. We will talk about the simplest design so that you can enjoy doing rather than making things too complicated.

You will need some empty cans, color, sticks, glue, and some laces. First, you will paint the empty cans. Then, you need to attach the sticks with the cans so that birds can sit on it. Finally, you will hang the cans by the tree branches or any support. You can use the laces to hang them like that.

DIY Projects for Kids

In this way, you can make beautiful bird feeders. If your kids love the nature and the animals, we are quite sure that they would love making it.

Final Words

So, these were some of the simple yet fun DIY projects you can make this summer with your kids. Such activities will make your child fall in love with the outdoors. Moreover, making DIY projects will spark some creativity in your kids. We have a lot of similar ideas that we can share with you. So, if you want us to make a more illustrated blog on DIY projects for kids, let us know in the comment section. 

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