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18 June 2017

What is Spell Quiz?

Spell Quiz is a resource for online spelling tests designed to help children and adults of all ages increase and improve English and spelling proficiency.

Spell Quiz’s unique learning system integrates fun and wisdom with online spelling practices, so your child will get a fuller, more enjoyable learning experience.

Spell Quiz includes up-to-date and professionally approved features to help children and students learn at their own pace and achieve true value from the content and services provided.

Whether you’re seeking beginner spelling tests for 1st graders or online spelling tests for 12th graders, Spell Quiz can address everyone’s needs.

What Does Spell Quiz Teach?

Learning English isn’t just about learning to write, knowing how to read or understanding how to spell.

It’s all of the above! Spell Quiz provides online spelling practices that involve:

Listening to normal and slow pace English audio – phonics activities

Listening and spelling correctly based on audio phonics – listening activities


Using a keyboard to type while listening (improving typing and interpretation skills) – listen and write or better to call it listen and type activities

Building vocabulary skills through a phonics based system

The tools to monitor progress with scores and quizzes

Corrections for misspelled words and scores on levels of understanding

Spell Quiz also offers practical and easy-to-navigate services and resources, including email subscription, session time recordings, individualized learning systems and a growing word database that is continually updated.

What Age Groups can Use Spell Quiz for Online Spelling Practices?

Spell Quiz offers exercises and spelling bees from grades 1-12 as well as adult.

Each section is specifically geared toward the level of that age group, so your child can grow and advance with Spell Quiz as they continue to learn.

Are you in search of a spelling test for eighth grade students? Would you like a simple yet comprehensive spelling test for third grade students?

Spell Quiz will cover every grade with cumulative advancement and relevant, interesting audio.

No one really likes to study a topic they’re not interested in or something that has no importance to their lives.

That’s why Spell Quiz’s online spelling practices use specific words and phrases that your child will not only recognize and understand, but be able to incorporate into their daily lives.

How Can My Child Benefit from Spell Quiz?

Spell Quiz is designed to help your child build their vocabulary, enhance their understanding of everyday English speaking and elevate their overall literacy skills.

With the online spelling tests offered by Spell Quiz, your child can learn to:

Improve their pronunciation of English words


Learn correct spelling based on the way the word is used and spoken

Develop keyboard typing skills, which is professionally beneficial for many careers

Advance their ability to communicate with others about their thoughts and feelings in a way that is clear and literate

Help them track their progress and challenge themselves to get better scores and move further into the program

Increase their understanding of social communication and professional terms

Push them to progress and exceed at their own pace

From online spelling tests for 5th graders to online spelling practices for 9th graders, Spell Quiz can benefit children, teenagers and adults of any age by helping to improve and guide their learning of the English language.

How can I Benefit from Spell Quiz?

If you are a parent, you know how important it is that you monitor and observe your child’s progress in their learning.

If you need to find spelling tests for 2nd graders, for example, it’s probably because you would love to know where your child is at in their spelling skills.

Alternatively, you may be curious about the status of your teenager’s education and are hoping to use a spelling test for 10th graders. Spell Quiz can deliver these excellent spelling resources, and more!

When you use the services of Spell Quiz, you will have access to complete progress reports for your child. From the very beginning, Spell Quiz will monitor your child’s activities on the website and track how far they’ve advanced as well as what they’re still struggling with.

Spell Quiz offers a weekly tool that you can use to search by “topic” or “dictation type” to display the current summary of all your child’s practices and tests.

You’ll get full coverage of what topics your child learned about, how much time they spent on the lesson, how many total words they typed and how many correct or incorrect words they used.

If you’re wondering if there are any online spelling tests for adults, you’re in luck!

Spell Quiz can help you out, even if you’re already at an advanced spelling level. Using SpellQuiz’s online spelling practices, you can test out where you’re at, set progress goals and practice your way to the top scoreboards.

Try Online Spelling Quizzes from Spell Quiz for Yourself!

The education of our children is not only significant for their growth and development, but also the future of our society.

By helping kids and adults learn to listen, type and spell simultaneously, Spell Quiz creates engaging and personalized building blocks for English learning.

Spell Quiz offers subscription services for both parents and teachers interested in having access to long-term content for vocabulary improvement and skill development. The best part is, you can sign up for free!

Your Spell Quiz subscription will help you consistently monitor your children’s progress when they perform spelling tests for 4th graders, 5th graders, 6th graders, 7th graders and so on until they are ready for more advanced stages.

Developing the knowledge, skills and abilities to communicate, listen and comprehend information in our day-to-day lives is essential.

Spell Quiz offers very user-friendly online spelling practices for every age and skill level, so no one is left behind on the education curve.

Get ready to learn in an innovative and personalized way with Spell Quiz!

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