Improving Listening Skills: The Secret to Success!

23 May 2019

Would you like to work on improving your own listening skills for work or social purposes?

Learning to listen is more than just hearing the words.

The definition of listening might be tough even if it sounds too simple. Listening is about fully absorbing the content of the words and being able to interpret specific tones and phonemics to understand the message being delivered.

In other words, proper English listening skills require knowledge as well as wisdom.

Why Should You Consider Improving Listening Skills?

Comprehending Deeper Meanings

Understanding and speaking any language is about being able to hear the words and comprehend the deeper meaning behind the words.

Is the person asking a question?

Is the person referring to something that already happened or has yet to come?

What is the underlying message or purpose of what the person is saying?

Improving listening skills can help answer these questions for any English conversation.

Improving Conversational Abilities

Conversations are part of our everyday lives.

Whether they’re serious, casual, silly or emotional – conversations involve the successful relay of information between two or more individuals.

Improving listening skills

A conversation is “successful” when all parties involved have fully understood one another and can respond in a way that makes sense.

Expressing Feelings and Empathy

The ability to express one’s feelings and emphasize with others is sometimes very difficult.

By being able to listen and communicate better, you or your child can carry a conversation and get the point across without clouding the meaning of what was meant to be expressed.

In other words, improved communication means you can say what you mean.

Furthermore, you can learn to empathize with others by improving your listening skills.

Expanding Cognitive Capacity

Listening, rather than just hearing, causes a person to focus and concentrate on what is being said.

This allows the person to exercise their brain and take time to process the content of the language and voice.

By encouraging the brain to listen more efficiently, it gets a healthy workout.

Increasing Problem-Solving Capabilities

Listening and understanding words can only go so far without applying wisdom and problem-solving.

By being able to listen and comprehend the meanings and intentions of words, you can more easily process that information and make sense of it.

Developing Mannerism

Some people have a habit of talking over others and waiting anxiously for their turn to talk, rather than actually listening to someone.

However, listening more actively is a great way of getting to know people, being respectful and learning how to bring more value to the conversation.

Driven Towards Academic and Profesional Goals 

Simply put, having better listening skills can help a person succeed in school and future endeavors.

Throughout their years of academic learning, children are constantly challenged to listen and follow instructions.

When it comes to the working world, employers are always looking for someone with great listening skills to improve work with customers, clients, and coworkers.

How Does SpellQuiz Help with Improving Listening Skills?   

SpellQuiz offers more than just listening to a statement and restating it.

For each grade, SpellQuiz will have a varied collection of words that are interesting and valuable for that age group.

Improving listening skills

There are several lessons available for each grade presenting a variety of different topics.

We have individual tests from spelling for grade 1 to spelling for grade 12. 

A Dictation Based Vocabulary Development and Spelling Practice Arena

First, you will begin by listening to a given phrase at a normal speed, and then at a slower speed.

This will give you or your child the chance to listen to what was said as if hearing it in a normal conversation, and then again more slowly for improved comprehension.

After listening to the phrase, you or your child will then type in what you heard as best you can, taking care to use the correct spelling according to the phonetics.

If you get it wrong, it’s okay!

Your vocabulary will still develop! If you have a broader vocabulary, you should first take part in the vocabulary test. 

A Smart System for a Smarter Evaluation

SpellQuiz will show you or your child how many problems were attempted, how much time was used, the smart score (out of 100) and corrections for any mistakes made.

This teaching technique is designed to encourage your child to keep trying to improve their score by listening better and learning to type and spell correctly more frequently.

More Attention = Thorough Learning! 

Since the student is trying to type and correctly spell the words, they will have to work harder to listen to what the words are and how they sound.

This will cause them to pay greater attention to the meaning of the words and phrases rather than hearing them as a collection of random words.

Also, you should ask your kids to have a better grasp of these sight words as these are the most commonly seen spelling words in the English language. 

Teaching phrases is a great way of enhancing comprehension and learning what words are appropriate to use in different situations. You can also sharpen your knowledge with the new addition from SpellQuiz — the idioms section. It has a wide collection of idioms definition and examples. 

Higher Audio Quality Ensuring Perfect Pronunciation  

The audio for each listening skills activity is of the highest quality.

The audio speaks in clear, precise English with enhanced English pronunciations.

Each word is sounded out with the correct tones and inflections.

That means your child can hear these phrases again in real life and be familiar with the phrase by understanding and recognizing the sounds.

The clear English pronunciation in each spelling skills exercise is for more than just helping the student hear and understand the words.

It’s also about teaching the student to say and pronounce the words correctly themselves.

That way, they can hold a conversation in life without the frustration and embarrassment of saying the words incorrectly.

The More You Practice, the Better Your English Gets

SpellQuiz can also provide a challenging yet qualitative listening skills test for you or your child.

This will give you a chance to put your practice time to the test and apply what you’ve learned to see where you’ve succeeded and where you need improvement. The more comprehensive grade-by-grade study material helps students of every academic level. Such practice sessions are good for dictation for class 3, as well as, dictation for class 10. 

Whom Can SpellQuiz Help?

When your child has trouble listening, it can cause them to have more challenges during the process of learning and communicating.

SpellQuiz targets this problem by offering the ability to perform a listening skills activity that’s specifically designed for each individual.

SpellQuiz is ideal for parents with children who are struggling with listening skills at school or during their homework sessions.

Improving listening skills

The listening skills practice techniques from SpellQuiz can also improve your child’s general communication and social skills.

The lessons are beneficial for anyone who hasn’t had very much luck developing their literacy skills with traditional methods (listening alone without typing and spelling).

SpellQuiz offers spelling and listening skill exercises and tests for grades 1-12 as well as an adult. If you are a Spelling Bee enthusiast, we might have a different set of practice sessions for your intense training.  

Now you can take part in online Spelling Bee too! Check out the SBO section on Spellquiz today! This game is exceptionally helpful for those looking for list of spelling bee words. 

Everyone of any age group can benefit from using SpellQuiz for improving listening skills, knowledge, and abilities.


What Sets SpellQuiz Apart from Other Listening Skills Websites?

Every listening skills test and listening skills activity on SpellQuiz is not your typical boring lecture.

Each listening skills exercise is designed to be engaging, interesting, and relevant to the target age group.

For example, you wouldn’t expect a 1st grader to listen to something about taxes.

Alternatively, you would want your 8th grader to learn how to appropriately talk about science or social studies topics.

SpellQuiz's listening skills activities for younger grades. The young minds are delicate - they cannot have fun if they are introduced to tougher spellings at first. The platform aims to develop their skills gradually so that learn with fun.

The first-grader study material should reflect on their abilities. 

Try this English vocabulary test to understand your current skill level!

Aside from teaching engaging and useful content, the exercises and tests on SpellQuiz are designed to target the exact area that you or your child need to improve on.

This is done by analyzing your scores on various topics and telling you which sections you should keep practicing with.

SpellQuiz is a tool for reducing frustration as your child learns English.

Sometimes, it can be really annoying and disheartening when you just can’t understand something.

Assess Yourself - Set Your Own Goals!

SpellQuiz uses simple yet efficient methods for tests and activities that are straightforward and gradual yet structured.

 One of the greatest things about SpellQuiz is the student’s opportunity to self-pace with each lesson.

You can go as fast or slow as you need to, and there is no rush when it comes to advancing to more challenging content.

Improving listening skills

The unique learning system of SpellQuiz uses self-motivation to guide the student rather than force them in a certain direction.

If you’re a parent, you can sign up to receive continuously updated reports on your child’s progress.

This will allow you to access where they need improvement and give you the chance to help them in a way that truly makes a difference.

Why Should You Start Right Now?!

No matter how old you are or what your educational level is, everyone can use some improvement when it comes to listening skills.

Are you looking for an affordable online learning service? What about something that will actually bring you benefits in the form of value and progress?

Why not use an efficient and fun phonetics learning system that can successfully improve your listening skills?

SpellQuiz will provide that for you.

SpellQuiz is easy and free to sign up for a trial.

Your monthly subscription will give you full access to a variety of listening skills activities and weekly reports with summaries.

Whether you’re looking to use the services for yourself, your children, or as a gift, SpellQuiz can help to enhance and sharpen the listening skills of children, teenagers, and adults of all ages.


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