Vocabulary Test: Know Your English Skill

3 May 2019
Samira Tasneem

In many senses, you could say that vocabulary is the key-skill to learn a new language. It doesn't matter which language you are trying to learn; you need to pick up the words that construct the language. The vocabulary test could be your best friend to enrich your overall word collection.

You could think of it as the base upon which other critical skills reside upon – reading, listening, writing, and speaking. If you think a bit deeper, you will notice that every language is a single purpose – expressing thoughts. The necessity of expressing thought gave birth to the languages in the first place. First, there were just sounds, to be more accurate, meaningless sounds. The meaningless sounds then got affirmation from society and turned into meaningful sounds, more precisely - words.

The overall collection of the words in a particular language can be simply termed as vocabulary. So, you see, vocabulary is the most critical parameter when someone is trying to learn a new language.

Why is Enriching Vocabulary Important?

David Wilkins, a noteworthy linguistic once said, “Without grammar, little can be conveyed. But without vocabulary, nothing can be conveyed!” After all, any language has the sole purpose of conveying the thoughts.

Educational institutes, more specifically, the schools of every English speaking country considers the vocabulary tests very crucial. If you are a parent with a natural concern about your kids' education and future, you should put extra care to these vocabulary tests. They determine your kids' strength in the English language in many ways. You don't want your kids' to fall behind, do you?

We think we are now on the same page regarding the importance of the vocabulary and the vocabulary test, especially vocabulary test English. There is one thing for sure – learning English is not as easy as it sounds. English is one of the most critical languages to learn and the most dominant one in the world. It is the language that can let anyone communicate with everyone in the world – a common ground.

Building up Vocabulary: The Modern Way to Learn English

So, how could you teach your kids’ words more efficiently?

Over the years, the education specialist and English linguists have come up with a number of methods that can be effective. For example, in the mid-1900s, the direct method and Audio-lingualism prevailed. The method gave emphasis on learning grammar and the phonological structures. But the popularity of this method declined over time. The reason was simple – it is too complicated for younger children to adapt to it.

In the early 1970s, the educators emphasized on the Communicative Approach. The idea was simple – serve the purpose of communicating with others, the core idea behind the invention of languages.

The Communicative Approach focuses on building up vocabulary. The more word a person knows, the easier it for him or her to communicate with others. In today's circumstances, there is more freedom for choosing a method of learning vocabulary.

Vocabulary Test | SpellQuiz

The schools put a lot of effort to teach the students more words – there is no other way but this one. Here’s where the vocabulary tests come to the scene. Tests are the easiest way to judge a person’s skills in a particular matter.

But these tests have an adverse effect on human psychology too. They introduce fear of failure! With proper planning, adequate practice, and effective learning methods, anyone can conquer the fear and ace in the tests.

How to Learn English Vocabulary?

With technologies being too handy, people can learn in a more modern way than ever before. Education has become simple and people-oriented. Numerous online resources can help a child to learn new things most simply and scientifically. Doing a vocabulary test in English is easier than ever.

A lot of parents are desperate to find the best possible way to prepare their kids’ for the vocabulary test in the school. We can share our thoughts on the matter and give you some practical tips. So, here they are –

Find the Suitable Learning Style

Not everyone has the same learning nature. Everyone is unique, and we have to treat them as so. Some learn new things by listening, some prefer to read, while some think writing helps them to learn faster. We have to respect the choices. So, you have to identify your kids' strengths and weaknesses, as well as their learning pattern.

How could you do it? It's simple, try all the possible ways to teach something new to your kids and observe how they react and which approach makes them more interest. Interest has a strong tie to learning. We learn those things faster that makes us interested; it's not rocket science!

Tell Them Stories

We all love hearing stories, especially the kids. While you are telling them stories, try to introduce new words gradually. As kids have a strong sense of learning new things they will ask you the meaning of the unknown words. You can help them with meaning. It's quite normal that they will not remember all of them, but they will remember some.

Encourage them to utilize these newly learned words while speaking. The more they use the new words, the better the chances are for them to remember them.

Play Word Games

Kids just love playing games! You can teach them a lot with these games. The best part is – they will not even notice that they are learning new words. No one can question the impact of word games in learning English. Classic word games like Crossword, Scrabble, Hangman, Word Searches, etc. could be some of the great examples.

Now, you can play quizzes and practice idioms examples and pictures on SpellQuiz.

Vocabulary Test | SpellQuiz

These puzzles make the brain exercise and very fun to play. You can find some great word games in SpellQuiz.

Building up a Word List

You can simply ask your children to make a list of the new words that have learned in recent days. A day-by-day list keeping will eventually help to build up a strong vocabulary. This is a common yet very effective method to grow vocabulary. They even help to excel in the vocabulary tests too.

Encourage Writing

Writing is more effective than reading books when it comes to enriching vocabulary. While reading, someone can assume the meaning of a word depending on the context. Yes, reading is a great way to collect newer words. But if someone doesn’t use them for expressing thoughts, he or she will eventually forget the word.

Writing helps a person to exercise the utilization of a particular word to a particular situation. It is not mandatory to write using only pen and paper. Ask them to write on their personal blog. Blogging is a great practice. Various platforms such as WordPress or Tumblr offer free blogging experience.

Learning the Root Words

The English language has a vast number of words coming from different languages. Many English words are just assembly smaller parts. Several words can be based upon one root word.

For example, “auto” is a root word coming from the Greek word Autos; it means self. From this word, various other words like autograph, autocrat, automatic, autofocus, automobile and many other words form. Also, the knowledge of suffix and prefix helps a learner play with different words quite easily.

How SpellQuiz Helps with Vocabulary Test?

We at SpellQuiz try to teach English in the most scientific way possible. Our English vocabulary practice arena is one of the most up-to-date options you can find online. So, if you are one of those people who are in search of the best place for vocabulary test online, you have reached your destination!

Assess the Skill with Vocabulary Aptitude Tests

SpellQuiz has a collection of aptitude tests that help a learner know their current state. We give a detailed analysis of a learner’s word collection and his or her equivalent English learning level. So, anyone can test their natural skills and see how much he or she has to work.

Vocabulary Test | SpellQuiz

Grade-wise Vocabulary Tests

We have a separate vocabulary tester for students of different grades. So, students from all classes can get benefit from our vocabulary practice arena. We have vocabulary practice exercises from Grade 1 to Grade 12 students. So, if you are looking for a vocabulary test for high school students with much higher difficulty, we can help. SpellQuiz even has vocabulary tests for adults.

Your Trusted Partner for Spelling Bee Competition

Spelling Bee is a vastly popular nationwide competition that requires relentless hard work, passion, and sheer willpower. A participant needs a strong partner for the proper practice. SpellQuiz will proudly be their true partner. We have dozens of Spelling Bee exercises suitable for students of every grade, for example, spelling quiz for grade 6 or spelling quiz for grade 7.

Now you can take part in online Spelling Bee too! Check out the SBO section on Spellquiz today!

Once you master these exercises, the regular vocabulary tests and spelling tests will become your bread and butter.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Learning English or any language is about continuous improvement. No one has the vocabulary of William Shakespeare in the first place. It requires a strong will and dedication. We can help you to keep track of your progress throughout your journey.

Our advanced platform can help a parent to keep track of multiple children with their progress of learning vocabulary and spelling. Moreover, we have a global list of participants from all over the world. With healthy competition, your kids' growth will become even faster. Many teachers prefer SpellQuiz over others as they think it is one of the better vocabulary apps for teachers. 

Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing, Listening – All at Once!

Our advanced learning platform is an all-round practice arena for every skill a learner needs to harness to excel in the English language. We thrive to build up the English vocabulary of your kids' as well make them proficient in every sector of this language.

Enriching vocabulary is a must for an English language learner. It is the core of any language – the tool of expressing thoughts. SpellQuiz wishes nothing but success for your kids. We are humbly asking you to help your kids learn with us and see radical changes in their vocabulary test score in school. 

 Also, try this vocabulary test to understand your current skill level! Try the spelling test to master English spelling! Also, don't forget to check the complete list of spelling words.  

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